Medal Of Honor: Airborne Demo

You can download it from here, at the princely size of 1.3gb. Word on the street (well, in the pub at least) is that this is a pretty good iteration of the soldier series, at least offering some competition for the mighty Call of Duty games. Airborne contains lots of hot parachuting action, violence against Nazis, and broad levels to allow you some shooting freedom in an otherwise linear action game. Huff huff, or whatever it is American soldiers say.

Jumping out of a plane: Manly.


  1. James says:

    Based on the strength of the demo, and the Call of Duty franchise heading to Tom Clancy’s territory, EA are going to take over as the WWII daddies. My concern, based on the demo, is that Airborne may be moving too far away from the narrative and set-pieces of the CoD series hoping to answer critics of their linearity. I like Tiger tanks crashing through French bakeries and sound-bytes stolen from Spielberg pieces. Hopefully a film-esque atmosphere can be retained with the new “dynamic battlefields”.

    Technically, the game seems to run pretty well post-Airbone drop. Models and textures are nicely detailed, although the general darkness of the demo mission (it is night, after all) makes it a bit more difficult to appreciate. There seems to be a problem with bloom “leaking” from some of the character torsos, and the lack of AA is a bit miffing, but hopefully those will be fixed at release.

    Oh, and the MG42 sounds epic.

  2. mg42 says:

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