Totem announced. Yes.

It’s almost as if we planned it. In the week where we look back at Yves Grolet’s previous work on Outcast (Which remains perhaps the finest game ever starring a man in an orange sweater), his new game gets announced from 10tacle. It’s called Totem and it’s a third-person superhero platform game with fisticuffs. Yes.

Meet a chap its filename calls “Monkey Avatar”. Say Hello, Monkey Avatar.


Superhero platform game. Not a bad idea at all. Totem is riffing off Le Parkour, which remains one of my favourite things in the world, and as anyone who’s ever played City of Heroes knows, how superheroes move is one of the best things about them. While CoH-veterans tend to obsess over the joys of the high level travel powers – leaping from tall building to tall building, soaring between skyscrapers, whining that they bought the teleport power – at low level, patrolling around the city, just clearing a fence and moving onwards ever onwards is a fluid tribute to the modern world. The Press release is low on detail but includes a fine piece of tech-gibberish in describing its self-proclaimed innovative “Semantic Environment Sensing System (SESS)” which allows you to use the environment in a fancy way. This may be posh for “you can climb and jump and swing and shit”.

Anyway – sounds interesting and if we can get a plugin working on this blog, we can have some kind of Totem Poll later.

(Waitasec… “a fluid tribute to the modern world”. What? – Ed)


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    You. Are. Fired.

  2. Dan Trott says:


  3. Acosta says:

    The first time I levitated in City of Heroes I thought “this is the future of sandbox games”, I am glad I wasn´t the only one thinking that. Other games has developed the idea (last one being Crackdown), but there is still much potential on the idea and I think is a logical step from GTA with the technology available right now.

    Probably one of the most important thing for these type of games is giving a good feeling of inertia, making that when you are fulling from a skycraper, that feeling translates well at the screen. Other is making it more and more interactive and developing the IA behavior of traffic and people in general (well, at least that is what a armchair designer as me thinks, don´t know how hard is this but I can imagine is not easy to achieve).

  4. SwiftRanger says:

    Planet-Adelpha still has some old (exclusive?) artwork from Totems. The official screenshots don’t look bad as well but they are only environment shots.

  5. Roman Levin says:

    Did anything happen with this?