Wolfenstein of Honor

I’m reviewing Medal of Honor: Airborne (it’s for someone else, so thoughts on it another time – briefly though, it’s pretty good, pleasingly non-linear but fairly silly).

I just stumbled across this.

It’s a Nazi Super-Soldier. In Medal of Honor. Gas mask, experimental chaingun and everything. He took about six grenades to kill. I can’t stop laughing.


  1. Turin Turambar says:

    Action silliness! i can’t wait! :)

    In a more serious note, i just played the demo, and it felt as a pleasing mix of the old straight action style of MoH:AA with a few new features (unlocking upgrades, iron sights anti-gun-&-run) and in the new mold of non-linear maps.

  2. Janek says:

    Oh dear.

    I was contemplating getting this, in the hopes that all the immersion-breaking “upgrades” and stuff can be modded out. But Ubersoldat? Get out.

  3. Matt says:

    That kind of thing actually seems closer to the roots of the Medal of Honor series. IIRC one of the first two original MoHs on the Playstation had some distinctly tongue-in-cheek frankenstein super-soldier goings on in one of the later levels.

    I got a shlocky Indiana Jones B-movie heroism vibe from the early games, one man against the nazi hordes sort of thing. It’s only in a post Saving Private Ryan & CoD world that the series has seemed more po-faced.

  4. Matt says:

    Oh, here we go. The level I was thinking of was the final bonus one, “Panzernacker Unleashed”, in MoH:Underground (link to en.wikipedia.org).

  5. Spacegirl says:

    I’m ready for the first realistic WW2 Shooter! You ride in convoys on trains for 36 hours (real-time!) There are intense dialogue-choice driven scenes were you argue over who gets the Luger and who gets the big bed in the house you are billeted in. You go on pitch black patrols at night, unable to shoot for fear of being spotted, and have to lay in the grass for minutes at a time as you wait for flares to burn out. And that’s just level 1!

    In level two you sit in foxholes slowly freezing to death as unknowable amounts of artillery fire randomly explode around you for 24 hours (still in real-time!) If you die you have to reload! You advance on enemy held towns, taking fire from dozens of unseen soldiers and machine gun emplacements (not to mention 88s, which are rarely seen in WW2 games but which absolutely devastated Allied Tanks and troopers alike. They were explosive artillery, fired nearly in straight lines.) When you get into town (at the start of Level 3), the enemy has retreated leaving just a few hardasses with sniper rifles in the fields and forrests around the town. And then they counter-attack with tanks! That’s when things get REALLY fun.

    You get hit by shrapnel in the leg, and spend 3 weeks (once again, in real-time!) being shipped around from mobile medic units to finally a hospital in England full of hot nurses you can’t hit on (nurses and doctors were all officers.)

    Level 4 is a number of Anti-Climactic pitched battles as the germans retreat over the rhine. Mostly just walking and occasional small arms fire in the distance.

    Level 5 Has you liberating Concentration Camps, filled with all the realistic imagery you could imagine!

    Level 6 has you return home, marry and enjoy a successful career in middle management.

    Due Out Soon!!

  6. Teldumor says:

    The gun, by the way, actually existed and was used by the Fallshirmjager. But yeah, I thought this mini-boss guy was pretty dumb. On the whole, the game was really good though. Too short, would like to see a MOH game with multiple sides, you know, British or Russian. I know they’ve done French, and I know MOH is an American award, but still, the American side of the war is getting a little old.

  7. Grenadier says:

    Your both misinformed. The gun is actually an MG-42 used by all branches of the german army in ww2. It Fired the same ammo as the K98 rifle but in belts and had a rate of fire of 1500 rounds per (11 rounds per second!) minute. The german airborne/ paratrooper rifle you are thinking of is the FG-42 which stood for Falschrimjager 1942. it also fired the k98 8mm round but only had a 20 round box magazine.