Homeworld 2: Intensely Intense Edition

Reader David links us to Point Defense Systems, a particularly hardcore-looking overhaul of Homeworld 2. “The gist of the mod is that it turns HW2 into something much more akin to a space-navy simulation, rather than the arcadey feel of the original,” quoth he.

Not sure I’d ever refer to Homeworld games as arcadey, but by the sound of things, this really puts the ‘ship’ in ‘spaceship’. If phrases like ‘naval simulation’ don’t encourage you to try it, perhaps hearing that it’s got a ton of custom-made spacecraft models in it will. Homeworld (we at RPS tend to lean more towards the first than the second) remains god-king of space-based strategy, so it’s fantastic to see it still kept alive. With Relic so bound up in Company of Heroes and Dawn of War these days, will we ever see a part three? I’m off to visit them in a couple of weeks as it happens, so I’ll attempt to find out.

Anyway, we’ll dig up a copy of Homeworld 2 from our quivering plastic monolith of dusty CDs soon and take a look at PDS ourselves – meantime, check it out here.


  1. Quintin says:

    I’m in agreement with the modmaker. Playing HW2 left me mortified because it was so much more fast-paced than the HW1 and Cataclysm, with a lot less emphasis on individual ship losses. The gravitas was gone. While the sequel might not resemble anything close to an arcade game, they definitely pushed for something lighter.

  2. SwiftRanger says:

    Doesn’t Sierra still have the rights to Homeworld? I wouldn’t mind a HW3 but a DoW 2 announcement wouldn’t be bad either (it should have been released this year according to the teaser end movie of Dark Crusade).

  3. David says:

    Actually what got me most about HW2 wasn’t the faster pace so much as it was all but stripped bare of what made the first game so compelling. Remember returning to Kharak after its atmosphere had been ignited? Homeworld 2 had nothing to match that moment.
    I haven’t played PDS since about the time they released version 5 but I never enjoyed the game as much as I did when I had PDS installed. Even if it did kill my framerate dead.

  4. Marcus says:

    Well, from what I remember, HW2 was supposed to be called Homeworld 2 Dust Wars, and had a completely different story line and gameplay (there was like a wall in space that you could deploy a frigate onto as a turret or something), then a few months before ship date, they scrapped it all and made what we got.

  5. David says:

    Aye, I’m sure that the old scripts were floating around the net on one of the older HW2 sites. That poor game had a painful birth; here’s hoping its resurrection won’t be quite as traumatic, should it happen.

  6. Elukka says:

    PDS is a great mod, i’ve been playing it on and off from… V5 i think. Or something.
    V11 has to be my favourite so far.
    Here’s a *cough*shameless plug*cough* video i did with it:
    link to youtube.com

    Also, working link to the Dust Wars docs:
    link to files.filefront.com

  7. TelQuessir says:

    Awesome video there Elukka! Hope to make something like that for V11 beta 8.

    Yes, as you all suspect, I’m the creator of this woefully overgrown mod for HW2.

    The promise of Homeworld 3 (or Harpoon in Space) simply doesn’t exist for us grunts in the interstellar battlefields, so we’re forced to use whatever means at our disposal to ensure our gaming ideal’s own survival against overwhelming odds. While attempting to bring back what romance was lost in transitioning to the modern days of space warfare. Hell, the navies of some minor star-nations can even afford to forget totally the basic principles of Newtonian physics in star-pilot training! Such is the disturbing influence of advanced technology making life easy…

    PDS V11 today has 3 years of heritage. Its modus operandi has never changed since day one (v0.1, which simply added CIWS guns to Vaygr capital ships). Today we do not seek to compete with any other mod team, but function as a specific interest-group of sci-fi naval combat in its finest form, inspired by both established sci-fi readership/visuals, and of today’s future military concepts translated into SF reality. Harpoon in space, indeed.

    “Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away.” – I left PDS at V7 to concentrate on my real-life career, if not deciding where next to go. Once that’s stabilised, I have tons of free time and plenty of real-world experience to make the next generation of PDS (V11) a success, with minimal time and talent.

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is the wonder of PDS – it appears a simple mod for HW2, a very unpolished and incomplete one. Playing it tends to make your mind wander… because the combat systems and starship design processes that created the game are like no other in the commercial gaming world today. (I’m doing that for free, too.)

  8. Hermes says:

    Well please forgive me all for the question, but TelQuessir or whomever is there a way to get PDS working in the Mac version of Homeworld 2. I enjoy the fact that I can have space RTS bliss without using BootCamp to WinXP.

  9. PHeMoX says:

    Homeworld: Cataclysm stand-alone was the best of all Homeworld games….

    I found Homeworld 2 to be rather weak when it came to balance and generally ‘the new stuff’.

  10. PHeMoX says:

    @Hermes: I think you’re out of luck there.

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