Change your Irrationality

Shock 2 veterans of the world unite! They can take our lean function! They can take our ability to walk! They can take our skill system which means that a highly trained solider can’t work out how to pull a trigger on a grenade launcher for most of the game, guns which break down within seconds of acquiring them and a basically linear final third ending in a single risible cheap-gag cut-scene undercutting the whole thing!

But they can’t take our Irrational Logo. ANYMORE.

Sniff. have posted a tiny mod which replaces the logo at the start of Bioshock with Irrational’s old one. As they put it…

“We acknowledge that their new publisher 2K has played a big part in making Bioshock come true. But many of us were truly disappointed that they renamed Irrational Games just days before the release of Bioshock, deleting a valuable corporate and personal identity. In other words, this is a protest.”

Shodan would be proud. Well, she wouldn’t be, she’s never proud of a p-p-p-athetic hacker, but that’s hardly the point.


  1. eToychest says:

    silence the discord!

  2. Brant says:

    As soon as I launched the BioShock demo and saw “2K Boston/2K Australia” instead of the Irrational logo, I knew somebody would do this.

  3. SteveTheBlack says:

    This is quite a cool idea. If I actually looked at the logos at the start I would probably get this.

  4. The_B says:

    How dare they challenge a perfect, Irrational machine?

  5. TheIronSky says:

    I miss news like this.

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