Ok, This Guy Is Mildly Terrifying

Our absolutely favourite game trailers site, Game Trailers, have put up an interview with the ‘military advisor’ from Call Of Duty 4, Hank Keirsey. Watch him speak:

Thanks, Game Trailers.

Call Of Duty 4 looks good, anyway.


  1. Kieron Gillen says:

    I wish there was a game called Call of Shooty.


  2. faceometer says:

    “you know that with these guys.. it’s not about gaming”


  3. Carey says:

    Splodes! Boom! Flash! Yawn.

    Just read Quintin Smith’s Airborne review and it made me sad. That the EXTREMELY limited para stuff gets such oohs and ahs of amazement. Look! You can actually choose a TINY portion of the battlefield to land on! WOWSERS! I swear to god people have literally forgotten how good and ambitious games used to be. Tribes, ffs /TRIBES/, remember the ambition, the sense of scope? (see how I’m deliberately avoiding my personal obsession here?) WTF has happened to ambition? Bunch of coward gobshites.

    The deeply depressing fact is that for most people it takes too long and costs too much to make a game that meets both the blockbuster polish and marketability demanded by publishers AND the creative vision craved by gamers and developers. We’re victims of our own success technologically. Hardware is now so capapble and the drive to push the boundries of that technology so ingrained that it’s become the be-all of design. Just think what Elite’s Ian Bell would have done with it if we’d have gone back in time and given him a PS3 devkit and the knowledge of how to program a shader etc…

    I’ve spoken to developers who /SMUGGLED 286’s ACROSS THE IRON CURTAIN/ in the 80’s risking death in some rotting gulag JUST SO THEY COULD WRITE GAMES. That’s why the ex eastern bloc has had that brief explosion of inspired (and admittedly sometimes just shit) development. We’re lucky that in the UK there are still plenty of devs with that passion and drive to make stuff that’s so much richer than just the whoopbangflashh (both new – Introversion and established – Creative Assembly [PLUG!!!] ), and even luckier that stateside teams like Irrational (sorry Boston whateverlikeigiveashiteit’sstillIrrational’) and Valve have managed to take the corporate cash but still make /artful/ games that ARE DIFFERENT and interesting and mind-expanding and lovely (Portal).

    Someone should stop me talking now…

  4. Will says:

    Semper Fi, do or die, gung ho!

    CoD4 looks ace too.

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    Post our bloody Shogun Making Of somewhere, Carey! YOUR FANS WOULD LIKE TO READ IT.



  6. Masked Dave says:

    It worries me that there are American soldiers who think of actual war like a computer game. (Also, who wants to play games about what they do for work?)

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    The game that I encountered the most US soldiers in was Planetside (on the US servers, natch). They seemed to enjoy being able to work as a team, as they are supposed to do in real life.

  8. John Walker says:

    I love Hank Keirsey. I’ve seen him speak twice now, and each time it’s passionate and very interesting.

    However, talking to him one to one, he’s as mad as a bucket.

  9. Mr Wonderstuff says:

    Ah Planetside, surely a makeover is due soon. Lovely game…and a little surprising no-one else has imitated it.

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