PlayStation 3 For Me (And You) have an interview up with NCSoft (Guild Wars, City of Heroes) boss Geoff Heath. In it Geoff explains that he believes PC users will end up buying a PS3:

I think there is a difference between PC and console players but there’s overlap as well. Our view long term is that people who have traditionally only played on PC will actually now start transitioning to PS3. Once they figure out what PS3 does, I think that take-up will get greater and greater.

It’s a fair bet – did anyone not own a PS2 at some point?

Geoff is also rather keen on getting more PC gamers playing NCSoft games, hinting that they might not just be bringing out more of that fantasy elf-tweaking stuff:

We’re going to have all sorts of stuff. I’m sure some of them will fail, but we can’t keep recycling the goblins and the swords.

I think that will grow the market. There’s 2 million people playing Guild Wars, but there are 198 million people in Europe with PCs and broadband who aren’t playing Guild Wars. So I say, let’s go get them.

Go get ’em! Yes.


  1. Martin says:


    I’ve never owned a PS2 and I’ve been a PC gamer through and through until I got an Xbox for christmas a couple of years back. I bought a 360 some months ago when Forza 2 was released.

    I will probably never buy a PS3 as the 360 is quite enough for me (as a semi-casual gamer bordering on hard-core but not hard-core enough to buy every god damned console that sees the day of light).

  2. ShaunCG says:

    I bought a PS2 when it cost me a bit over £100, for which I was required to remove not a single gold tooth nor push a single old lady in front of a bus.

    I wasn’t paying any attention to consoles when the PS2 was released and so on – I couldn’t afford a console back then – but I’d wager that the differences between the PS2 8 months after launch and the PS3 8 months after launch outnumber the similarities. Though if I’m wrong, I’d like to hear it.

  3. Dr.Gash says:

    I think its unfortunate that Heath didn’t elaborate on his comment any further. As it stands I don’t really see the logical basis for the prediction he’s delivered.

  4. H says:

    I’ve never owned a console, and I doubt very much I ever will. A lot of it is that I just like a computer over a games machine. I like being able to use my PC for Office and surfing the web, be it one-handed or two. I just don’t think it would feel the same having a console set up in my office with a big TV on it. Also, keyboard and mouse…

  5. Andrew Farrell says:

    I assume that his thinking is that if you want the best-specced machine, you’ve already got a PC. Whereas Sony (even after losing sight of why the PS ruled the world, and making the PS2 a bastard to program on, and generally annoying developers) had at least three or four great exclusive games a year, and the XBOX had about three or four great exclusive games full stop. So there’s no need for the PC owners to get a mini-PC with mini-PC games, when they can get a console with exotic console games.

    The flaw in this might well be that PC gamers prefer PC games, and just want something to play them on while the PC is otherwise in use.

  6. Turin Turambar says:

    I began with in the pc world in 199, and i am still a pc gamer, without console. Nope, i didn’t have a PS2.

  7. simonkaye says:

    Soon enough there’ll be precious little technological distinction between our personal computers and the consoles on certain living-room floors. Our biggest difference is in business model: PCs are based on a modular, part-upgrade economy, while consoles are a more traditionalistic, complete-set, no-tamper electronic product. But meanwhile they’re getting better at internet usage, strategy, multiplay, non-gaming software and so on, and we’re getting better at accessibility and arcade. Convergence ensures that the petty PC/console disputes of today shall be memory within a couple of decades.

    So sayeth the wise Alaundo.

  8. Stuart White says:

    It sounds to me like a man being forced to sell a point despite a distinctly controversial (and certainly unclear) prediction. Rather like Sony claiming the Ps3 is selling well in fact.

    I never owned a Ps2 either by the way. On the other hand im a committed PC gamer who has quite happily owned a Gamecube and Wii. I dont need an out of the box product which offers me an underpowered version of what i already have, costs £15 more per game and hogs the house’s main entertainment system (TV).

  9. Jaldo Dron says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever owned (or wanted to own) a PS2 or other Sony console. I have owned all Nintendo consoles and now an XBox 360, not to mention being a fairly hard-core PC gamer, but something about what Sony has offered on the console market (or elsewhere) fails to capture my consumerist attention.

    I swapped one with GTA3 for a Gamecube for a week and that pretty much settled my curiosity.

    To be fair this is probably because I just don’t like the way Sony operate (MP3 players that don’t actually play MP3s for instance – great 18th birthday present that was). Clearly the PS2 was a popular product, but it is equally certain that not all gamers owned one, or even played one much.

  10. Winterborn says:

    Never had a PS or PS2, I’ve been a pc gamer only for the most part. My one dalliance with consoles was a Gamecube I got with my ex which I left with her when we split up. I did enjoy it enough to think that I’ll end up getting a Wii the PS3 on the other hand is very unlikely to find a home with me.

  11. Iain says:

    I think he’s just trying to talk up the PS3 because they’re probably haemorrhaging money developing PS3 MMO titles that will bomb in the sales charts.

    I’ve been PC gaming for well over ten years, and I’ve never owned a Sony console. I never will, either, unless they start remembering that it’s the games that are important, not the technology. This is why I own a Wii and a DS and not a PS3… though to be fair – none of the games available (exclusively) on any incarnation of the PlayStation have ever provoked any of my interest at all.

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