Zeno Clash Announced

Valve have announced that independent developers, ACE Team, have licensed the Source engine for a deeply peculiar-looking action/fantasy game, Zeno Clash.

Skulls = Weapons

Moving away from the more usual ranged combat of a Source game, we’re excited to read that Zeno is focusing on melee combat. And more than that, it’s focusing on being weird. The setting is described as a “punk fantasy world”, with ACE explaining,

“The first chapter is set in a fantastic & chaotic world where the main character has been exiled from his clan and hunted down by his own brothers. A desperate journey past the forbidden desert will bring him to the end of the world.”

Unfortunately, all the attention from the world’s gamers appears to have been more than Chilean developer’s server could handle, with the game’s official website offline at the time of writing. (Perhaps Valve could step in and offer them some web support?). We get a good vibe from this one – the visual design suggests a depth of imagination from the developers, and promises of “brutal combat” are the simplest way to our heart. It’s set to arrive at some point next year.

More art, links to the full versions, and gaming’s saggiest breasts, after the leap.

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  1. Winterborn says:

    Cor, check out the art design on that.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    One days games, like wines, will be selected by engine (grape) and region. “Ah, an Id-tech Chilean.”

  3. Martin says:

    To be honest I was put off by the screenshots initially but after hearing a lot of people praising the art direction I took another couple of looks and even though I’m still not madly in love with it I do have to admit that it is a lot better than “generic space shooter 4c”.

    And anyhow, as we all know, it’s all about gameplay and not graphics. Right? ;)

  4. RicheyKay says:

    It seems that there’s still plenty of life in Source yet. This looks gorgeous, I mean, look at how perfectly manicured your player’s hands are.

  5. MeestaNob! says:

    *Bumps very old story*

    Any news on this? Looks very interesting!