Kane, as always, lives

It’s the 12th birthday of Command & Conquer today – which means you only have to wait another four years until you can sleep with your copy of the first game (according to UK law, in case you’re a shocked US reader. Although I’m not rightly sure if any country actually has laws about physical intimacy with plastic discs).

But what if you don’t own a copy of the first game? Well, then you’ll be wanting to download it for free from here. Somewhat uncharacteristically, EA is now offering the entire game (both GDI and NOD campaigns) for non-bucks, to anyone. It’s like Satan offering to give Sisyphus a lift up that hill in his Satanmobile.

So, go for it. Just don’t come moaning to us about the archaic interface.


  1. wiper says:

    It’s testament to my laziness that, rather than stand up and grab my old boxed copy of C&C off my shelf (which would involve /stretching/ I would rather wait many hours to download the game from their somewhat stretched servers.

    Yann = clever

  2. roBurky says:

    Original command & conquer is the best of the lot. Everyone should go back and play it.

  3. James Lyon says:

    That is pretty brilliant, especially for €A (ho! ho! Did you see what I did there?). What’s with the burning it onto CD first, though?

  4. CitizenErazed says:

    They’ve probably done what happens with quite a lot of this stuff – taken an old pirate version and said ‘yeah, sod it, let them have it’.

    Still, nice to have. I’ve bought this no less than three times.

  5. Tom says:

    Well, I’ve certainly gone back and replayed CnC, after finding out about its free release. Mainly because its actually the gold version, and I only own the original dos version, with graphics that are even more crap…
    You can play the game without the cds, just copy all the *.mix files into the cnc dir. You’ll notice that there is one general.mix on each cdimage, so you’ll have to copy/rename them depending on which faction you’re intending to play.