Keep On Truckin’

When my lottery numbers finally come-up and I start assembling the dev team for Total Transport Simulator (a combo plane/train/automobile/ship sim) Pierre-Michel Ricordel is going to be the first person I call.

He’s the bloke responsible for extraordinary freeware truck sim Rigs of Rods. Imagine a hybrid of 18 Wheels of Steel, Bridge Construction Set, and Garry’s Mod, and you’ll probably just strain your brain. Far better to download the thing, together with a few choice add-ons, and experience the amazing vehicular physics first-hand.

Don’t quit before you’ve driven a Tatra lorry into the belly of an Antonov cargo plane then taken off, messed around with at least three types of truck-mounted crane, and tried a spot of rock climbing in one of the big-booted, insanely flexible, crawlers.

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  1. Bob Arctor says:

    I’m liking the general premise and the manual clutch control (although simulating pulling away with clutch up accelerator down would be nice), however I’m not liking the bugginess of this version.

  2. Tim Stone says:

    I’ve yet to encounter a crash or significant bug. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky.

    Hopefully clutch modelling will improve in 0.32:
    link to