Foot-to-Ball Demonstration Availability

We understand that some of our readers are fond of a sport called Foot-to-Ball, played by young men with fashionable haircuts and uncomplicated wives. Part of its underground popularity has been fueled by the long-running rendition of the sport in videogamingvision by a small, independent company know as Electronic Arts.

The use of hands is forbidden. Hence the name.

Rumour has it that there is to be a new iteration of the game this year, which with forward thinking is titled “Fifa 08”. It will once more recreate the simple rules of this Sunday afternoon activity, even going so far as to find out the names of those who have signed up as members of the various teams, and including them as a kind nod to the dedicated.

If this is all too much of a muddle, perhaps you might like to have a brief sample of it all in the form of a Demonstration Download, available from Electronic Arts’ website here.


  1. Naseer says:

    Of course, there is only one way to put this: “Best. Post. Ever.”

  2. Bob Arctor says:

    Have they also recreated faces in the virtual medium of the more well known Foot-To-Ball partipants?

  3. Feet says:

    The shorts look weird.

  4. Janek says:


    Predictably, the commentary is worse than ever.

  5. Jamie says:

    Surely Pro Evo 08 is the only choice for foot to ball merchants ? Fifa is for the little ones to ease them into a real football game. Fifa hasn’t been for adults since 96 (and even then I was 17).

    Although I will concede that it has improved recently by copying a lot of what Pro Evo (or ISS for those of us old enough to remember) does.

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  7. partipants says:

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