Le Grosse Morte

I don’t speak French, so that joke probably doesn’t work, but I thought it worth a try.

Our link-chums at Kotaku found this. It is, quite literally, like nothing you’ve ever seen before (at least hopefully). Footage is Not Safe For Work. With Capitals. I mean, it’s not Warren-Ellis-Don’t-Look-link bad or anything, but it’s about as out there as (say) Battle Raper. Probably worse, in fact. I’m not sure if there’s actually a scale for these things. Maybe we should make one, on which this would score a nine, as we’re famously hard-markers on weird-shit perversion.

The game in question is Love Death 2. It’s a section of first-person shooting, except that it’s a love-gun firing its sticky bullets. We’re dealing with a veritable one-man Bukkake, with a minigun at the hip and a hair-trigger, ready to go off AT ANY TIME. It’s indescribable. Or, at least, indescribable to us right now. I hope it has an early release.

It also begs the question: How did we miss the original Love Death?


  1. DuBBle says:

    The goop physics were all wrong.

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    Goop physics *are* all wrong.


  3. Confused in Cornwall says:

    The next time I’m being spunked on, I’m going to disappear into a black board!

    “Tags: bukkake, First Person Shooter, japanese, Love Death 2, perversion, thin white rope ”

    …thin white rope?

  4. Feet says:

    “Early release.”


  5. Andrew Farrell says:

    …thin white rope?

    Well, as bands named after spunk go, both 10cc and The Lovin’ Spoonful are entirely inappropriate here.

  6. wiper says:

    Er, sorry to be a downer but you did ask (sort of) – I have no idea what joke you were trying to make with the title, and I’m fluent in French, so…

    (Seriously, I’m not sure what you want to say. I’m probably being blinded by my French, as every time I read it I just see “the fat dead woman”. Which is odd, at least. And if that is what you wanted to say, it’d be La, not Le)

  7. Kieron Gillen says:

    The Small Death=Orgasm
    Grosse=Large and also sounds a bit like Gross.

    I work on many levels, all of them shit.


  8. wiper says:

    Ah, then you want “La Grosse Mort” – “la morte” is specifically a dead woman, “le mort” a dead man, and “la mort” is death. French can be a little odd at times.

    I also never knew of that term for an orgasm. You learn everything every day!

  9. Tim Stone says:

    “Slime of War” would have worked too.

    Oh, hang on…

  10. Alec Meer says:

    If it meets the Hentai community’s approval, this will make money hand over fist.

  11. Monkfish says:

    I can almost guess the control method they would implement if this ever made it to the Wii…

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