They Aren’t Trying

RPS-roving reporter Quinns has been crying over this, so I have to share. It’s the first footage for THEY (Whose name doesn’t appear to actually have capital letters in any of the press we can find, but seems to demand it), being developed by Metropolis Software who you may know from the incredibly lovely, no really, honest, Aurora Rising.

Here’s the trailer. To avoid spoiling it for you, the (er) critique is beneath the cut.

Thanks, Game Trailers.


The trailer goes entirely out of its way to create a brooding atmosphere. B-movie, sure, but there’s clearly lots of potential for a unique take on the FPS where detecting your enemies is of central importance and… oh, you know. Use your imagination. And then, just when you’re thinking videogames has found its answer to Predator… it’s Geigerseque alien robot things covered with missile launchers stomping around like its 1998.

Coming in 2009. Woop! Woop! And – indeed – Woop!


  1. Rossignol says:

    “They” also seemed to have nicked the ghost-monster things from the Final Fantasy movie.

  2. SteveTheBlack says:

    When I first heard of this game I thought it was going to be related to the B-Movie “Them!” with the giant radioactive ants.

    Then I saw this trailer. No giant ants, just final fantasy ghost-things. For shame!

  3. Robin says:

    If anyone ever writes a book about the strange, inexplicable mutant creatures lurking in the depths of the PC games scene, Metropolis would definitely warrant their own chapter.

    I’m only aware of them because I used to work for a publisher who in a catastrophic lapse of judgment had signed them to develop an original game. I recall we invented a new category on the ‘AAA’ scale (‘ZZZ’, or just ‘NO’) when we evaluated it, but they made us release it anyway.

    They seem to have gone on to keep remaking the same appalling game for different publishers. Unless they’ve gotten their act together (that Aurora Rising review suggests not), I’m completely baffled as to how they’re able to keep doing it.

  4. roBurky says:

    A game about creatures you can only see in reflections, as the first bit of the trailer seemed to suggest, would be pretty awesome.

  5. Dermo says:

    The voiceover is shockingly bad.

  6. Dermo says:

    Also, regardless of how their marketers choose to capitalise it, ‘They’ is an awkward name for a game.

  7. Monkfish says:

    “They talk a lot, don’t they?”

    “They certainly do. They certainly do.”

    That’s all I think of everytime I see this game mentioned.

    Metropolis’ last game, Infernal, wasn’t a total disaster – there were some good ideas knocking around. And I think the same is true here – apparently the bright orange “phantom” thingies are not visible until later in the game. Mind you, way to spoil what could’ve been an interesting moment of discovery with the first trailer…

  8. Fabian Walden says:

    I think opinions are always different. I played Infernal and had a lot of fun, and as I see often Games Magazines in France and Germany they rated it over 80 %. I wonder why we in the Uk always are hyping sequel games and not new ones, but after I saw walkthrough by the developers, I am completely stunned by the game and its idea behind – and hey only 4 months of development behind, what do u all expect?