Free Browser Peggle (!)

So I was just telling a cynical chum to buy Peggle, or be damned, and he asked if viewing the ad-funded version browser version counted against his descent to hell. Of course, being the RPS daily dunce, I had no idea there was one, or that it was a free as (advert-ridden) sunshine. It isn’t as good as the full retail version, by virtue of being trapped in a browser, but you can now get to Peggle without having to part with seven British pounds , or fifteen Yanqui dollars. See the “Also Available Online” bit at the bottom of that page for the link. You need to install a browser plugin, then all the Peggle is your oyster, or something.

Peggle, in case you’ve been entombed in a rock for past year, is the best puzzle thing since sliced Tetris.


  1. The_B says:

    *Sings Ode To Joy*

    Come on, you all know the words!

  2. Bob Arctor says:

    Wow. This is suprisingly good for something not far removed from playing skeeball.

  3. Alec Meer says:

    I’m in Vancouver, with a free day from work-stuff to do what I want, and what do I do? I play fricking Peggle on the PC in the hotel business centre. I’m a useless human being.

  4. Hugh says:

    Am I missing something, or have they taken the web version offline?

    I can’t see it on there….

  5. A-Scale says:

    I can’t play it without installing their stupid plugin. That kind of nullifies the benefits of playing it online, as people at work with locked down machines still can’t play.

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  7. Novotny says:

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