Second Life Must Be Stopped

Not really safe for work: A Second Life Herald reporter looks into how to procure cute baby unicorns/nightmares:

After much digging and several dead leads, I came upon Marcelle DeCuir, famed originator of this cult by way of Snapzilla. “I was hanging out with Polyester (Partridge) one day and she had the baby [unicorn], so I asked her where she got it. She pointed me towards Sensual Stoneworks, and I was shamelessly raped by a unicorn. I don’t mind”.

You get hold of baby unicorns by having your avatar bummed by an adult unicorn, or flame-hoofed horsey. I’d add more detail, but I’m not sure it would be appropriate. Other non-consensual fantasy couplings lie beyond the link.

I love horses, best of all the animals?


  1. Matthew Craig says:

    But do the fauxls come out looking like the mother, as well?

    I mean, is there a “script” that reads bits out of the player’s “skin” in order to simulate real-world reproduction?

    Imagine ringing the doorbell of some kind of peg-happy brothel, leaving your yiff-baby on the floating purple doorstep (with a note, or possibly a custard pie), and teleporting away! Imagine the larks!


  2. Alan Au says:

    Second Life: The game everyone wants to talk about but nobody wants to play. The general consensus is that they have the best marketing department among their peers within the virtual-world niche, which is to say they hype the online commerce and downplay the unicorn sex.

  3. The_B says:

    On the count of three, commence “horn” puns…

    -I hold no responsibility for the lack of quality humour in the subsequent comments.

  4. DuBBle says:

    A Eunuch-Horn
    Is a magical Horn
    It’ll fill you full of strength

    If you treat it just right
    It’ll scream in delight
    And extend seven feet in length

    The creature itself:
    Dainty like an elf
    Sauntering through ancient halls

    You’ll know that it’s near
    From the pitch in ye’ear
    For all its length, it’s lacking in balls

  5. BASTET LYON says:

    welllll… having recently had a baby avatar myself insl, uh .. congratulations to the mother but uhmmm… is that like doing it witha furry cause i always feel weird when i do it with ffurries.. heck even the damn furry feel weird doing it with each other. so, um whats the big deal? if you mind your own business its no big deal afterall this is sl not rl ., and in rl it might be a big nono taboo thing but here its par for the 3hour daily course

  6. BASTET LYON says:

    Oh yeah i forgot, the horn pun thingy …
    um i think youd have to be real horny to want to be sexually assaulted by a unicorn,…i wish i hadnt HORNED in on this,…
    i mean i wasnt horn around when i did the two furries uh hehehe did i say that oh go toot your own horn if you dont like it.

  7. Solario says:

    Chhaaaaaarlie. We’re going to Magic Mountain, Charlie!

  8. lukas says:

    to solario:


  9. Cunzy1 1 says:

    Only nine comments? This was hard hitting reporting back in the day.