High Hun, I’m Home

If shooting albatrosses brings bad luck I’m in for a really lousy autumn.

This past week, in the gaps between work, blackberry picking, and bouncing about in the Rigs of Rods Tatra, I’ve been catching-up with a wonderful old friend – Red Baron 3D.

Thanks to Sierra’s German wing, this evergreen Great War dogfight sim, justly famed for its immersive dynamic campaign and marvellous MP, is now totally free. Well, strictly speaking it’s Red Baron II that’s free. You’ll need to apply the official superpatch to upgrade to RB3D. You’ll also want a Glide wrapper, a WinXP sound fix, and a tolerance of Deutsch (the patch doesn’t remove all traces of the Baron’s native tongue). It’s a bit of a dance, but follow the following step-by-step guide and you should be happily ambushing albatrosses inside half an hour.


  • 3. Do the same with the MP patch (rb3d1078.exe).
  • 4. There are various options when it comes to Glide wrappers, but I recommend using Gabi’s modified example (OpenGlide_008_Max256MB.zip). Just extract the contents of the zip into your RB3D folder.
  • 6. If your joystick isn’t automatically detected you might need to quit the sim and check it’s selected as ‘controller to use with older products’.
  • 7. The second time you run RB3D you’re probably going to encounter the ‘no sound’ bug. To get round this put the Full Canvas Jacket Control Panel utility in your RB3D folder, and, after ticking the “Activate Intro For USB Joystick Windows XP Sound Fix” box, use it to launch the game. (The FCJCP can also be used for pushing game res up to 1600×1200).
  • 9. Chocks away!


  1. Bob Arctor says:

    Wow. That is an excessive amount of effort.
    Is it worth it?
    How does it compare to IL2? Damage modelled well?
    In fact does it compare to Red Baron 1? Sitting in hospital for most of the war with a changing BMP of your moustachioed self shedding bandages?

  2. Tim Stone says:

    Is it worth it?

    I’m not sure where you’d go to find a more involving campaign experience. In RB3D you’ve got that living battlespace feel you get from sims like Falcon 4.0 or Enemy Engaged 2, but there’s also a real sense of squadron. Getting back to the drome and realising that good old Flight Sergeant Burnet didn’t make it actually hurts.

    Varied sortie types, ace encounters, opportunities to freelance, organise your own raids, paint your own plane, transfer to other squadrons… it’s never dull.

    The way damage influences FMs and the way it’s represened visually is pretty crude in comparison to IL-2. No flapping canvas, splintered struts, or streaming fuel.

  3. Winterborn says:

    Thanks. While this looks like a bit of bother I’ve had a hankering to play a modernized version of Red Baron, had no idea the mod community was that active.

  4. Bob Arctor says:

    Ah go on then so!

    Although Bioshock may take priority for a while.

  5. Svenska says:

    playing RB II right now, seeing what it’s like without the patches and whatnot. I’m wondering though, how do you accelerate? I can kinda move around for about twenty seconds before I crash into the ground.

    Any help?

  6. Tim Stone says:

    TAB – engine on/off
    1-0 – throttle
    Ctrl-A – full autopilot
    A – disengage autopilot…

    There’s a keycard available in the docs section of link to wings-of-valor.net

  7. Tiger says:

    S! All,

    There is a way to convert the German version of Red Baron II to a completely English version of Red Baron 3D. Once you have completed the steps outlined above you can download this .zip file;

    link to virtualaces.net

    Extract it to your C:\SIERRA folder using folder names and allow the existing files to be overwritten.

    This patch corrects the discrepencies between the Red Baron II patched (to Red Baron 3D) version and the Red Baron 3D version of the game.

  8. Ben says:

    I did everything that you said and all of my main menus are German. My German is a little rusty, hah, so can someone help with. Is there a patch available or something?

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    […] Warfare 1917 è uno strategico della guerra di trincea. Abbiamo a disposizione checchini, mitragliatrici, assaltatori, gas, mortai, carri armati e molto altro e dobbiamo cercare di impossessarci delle postazioni nemiche senza che il morale crolli e i nostri soldati fuggano. Per essere un videogioco strategico in flash è molto ben fatto e non richiede molto tempo per essere terminato. Red Baron 2 sono moltissimi i videogiochi dedicati ai primi conflitti aerei, ma penso che red baron – nonostante la sua età – rimanga il migliore: in questo videogioco infatti vedremo anche aspetti marginali della vita del pilota che impersoniamo. Ad esempio quando ci abbatteranno se riusciremo a sopravvivere potremmo venire catturati dai nemici. Potremo inoltre trasferirci lungo il fronte e cacciare gli assi nemici. Il gioco appunto è molto vecchio, ma una attiva comunità di modders lo ha mantenuto aggiornato e compatibile con Windows XP. Puoi trovare tutte le istruzioni relative all’installazione della versione moddata del gioco su Rock Paper & Shotgun. […]

  11. espy says:

    What a painfully wonderful headline :D Get thee to a punnery!

  12. D says:

    Some updated links, since I got interested in this:

    Red Baron 2 German (280mb) – link to ftp.sierra.com

    German -> English (23mb) – link to redbaronplayers.net

    Also, install order should be: rb2_DE rb3d_spr rb23dmmp09 then rb3d1078

    Basically I copied the links I found from a forum post: link to theaerodrome.com

    I might let you know how it went for me :) Ty Tim Stone

  13. the_wakeful says:

    If its a modern version you’re looking for then check out http://www.riseofflight.com

    Not finished yet, but suppose to be fairly soon (i.e. this year).