Peggle Extreme Intro Screen

This is so great it deserves its own post.

tee hee hee

Click for bigness.

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  1. Richard says:


    And also:


  2. Masked Dave says:

    It’s pretty awesome, but nothing compared to seeing it moving, with sound…

    But why is the resolution so shitty?

  3. Richard says:

    Quiet, person who criticised Peggle.

  4. Feet says:


  5. Masked Dave says:


  6. roBurky says:

    The portal themed levels with actual portals are great. I guess there’s nothing like that in normal peggle?

  7. John Walker says:

    There’s something similar. But this *feels* better.

  8. The_B says:




    Sorry, I wanted to feel included in this mass breakout of Peggle Tourettes. It’s like Father Jack for the PC generation.

  9. claudio says:

    it’s me, or it seems just like a fake?

  10. The_B says:

    Well, given that the background images are just static pictures anyway, so they don’t need that much doing to them other than a “photoshop” as it were, coupled with the fact thousands of people are playing it right now, it seems pretty geniune to me.

  11. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’ve actually seen it in the flesh. It’s not a fake.


  12. The_B says:

    Was that Lemaar spittle covered flesh?

  13. Rock, Paper, Shotgun - the PC gaming site says:

    […] So, here’s hoping for a 4pm Seattle-time unlock, and a sound night’s sleep for us Limeys. Either way, if you want in to the beta, you’ve got a scant few hours to go and pre-order The Orange box in. Quickly now; it comes with free Peggle. […]

  14. Matty says:

    I’ve played it! I’ve completed! I kick assage at it! And I ahve one word to say…




    P.s. Claudio, you’re an idiot. XD

  15. dillsta says:

    I have this game but who actually made it

  16. pegglezours` says:

    i wonder though… Is Peggle part of the HL2 storyline? :P