Exciting Team Fortress 2 News

While most Brits staying up for the beta launch will have given up by now and gone to bed (I was finishing a review, honest), when it does finally go live tonight, it will be with all six maps. i.e. the whole game.

That’s a Rock, Paper, Shotgun world exclusive right there. For the next hour or so. When everyone’s in bed, not reading.


  1. Soldats says:

    This Canadian is glad you’ve brought us this exclusive!

  2. Frosty840 says:

    The Brit is sort of pleased at the news, but at this point, Valve can shove it.
    Oh well, I guess I didn’t really need to be awake at work anyway.

  3. Yiorgos says:

    This is the morning! Is it on yet??? I’m at work, and this is the first thing I read today…

  4. CrashT says:

    Files just unlocked but it’s not actually letting you run the game yet.

  5. Feet says:

    I it would be a massive anti-climax in the end. I said so yesterday in RPS steam chat. :P

  6. Weego says:

    I would very much like to subscribe to your internet prediction based newsletter.

    Here’s one from me: When Blizzard release WOTLK there will be major problems with their upgrade site!

  7. Feet says:

    I provide this free prediction service for the benefit of all mankind. And I’ve been 100% right so far. Also, that’s a good one.

    More predictions then.

    England’s women will not win the World Cup.

    Tomorrows weather will be cold.

    DNF was actually finished a year ago but took on sentience, overpowered George and all the other 3D Realms staff and is currently working towards world domination. SO SAYETH THE LORD.

    You are welcome.

  8. Weego says:

    woah, slow down… tomorrow will be cold? damnit!