Typhoon 2001

I just picked up the latest version of this Tempest clone via Retro Remakes. Every time I play one of these it reminds me just how perfect the original Tempest was, and this time Typhoon actually works, thanks to new Vista compatibility.

Tempest, for the Martians in the audience, was the classic 3D space invaders (only different) by David Theurer. The game was apparently inspired by a dream in which Theurer witnessed monsters crawling out of the ground – a pulsing, neon ground, presumably. Tempest has been remade constantly since 1980 and just doesn’t seem to get old. Anyway, here’s the direct link to Typhoon 2001. Go play.

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  1. Alex Hopkinson says:

    A disappointing lack of giraffes, I notice.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    I’m against giraffes.

  3. Pod says:

    Everyone should be.

  4. psilas says:

    This game APPEARED to be a great re-make of a classic until I discovered one VERY important change.

    The bonus levels on the Jaguar version were one of the highlights of the game but here they have cocked it up…BIGTIME.

    Whereas before you needed just 3 tokens and only 5 powerups to get those tokens, you could in essence get to a bonus level in very little time, which was great as it gave incentive to play on.

    In this version, you need 7 powerups to get a token AND you need 6 tokens to get there.
    Thats 42 powerups and 7 levels MINIMUM to get them.

    This is REALLY poor on the developers part and who evers idea it was should hold their head in shame and change it back to the original ASAP.

    I will NEVER play this game again due to this SERIOUSLY BAD embellishment to the jaguar version.