“The Gameplay Ecology”

Midway’s Harvey “Deus Ex” Smith has a bit to say about the development of environments and “gameplay ecologies” for his new shooter, Blacksite:

I suspect Blacksite might actually be worth getting moderately excited about. Smith is at the controls, and there’s both Gears Of War jump in/out co-op, Stranglehold’s destructible environments, and some Brothers In Arms squad-control stuff. Area 51 might have been a bit arse, but this looks like it might have some value. Blacksite 2, says Smith, will be even more interesting.

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  1. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Crap, Harvey Smith looks much younger than I expected. For some reason I have this image of all the Deus Ex developers being all gruff, wizened, and definately at least 50.

  2. Monkfish says:

    Another interesting game vying for my attention in November – looking like a busy month!

    Let’s hope Harvey “universal ammo is a good idea” Smith is back on top form.

  3. SCG says:

    Based on the demo, the game seems a bit dull. Even the basic enemies are damage sponges and, yawn, you know, none of the combat was more than perfunctory shoot-dodge-kill. However, I do want to play it just for that enormous worm thingy in the trailer. I’m a sucker for REALLY HUGE monsters.

    Did I read somewhere that Blacksite is ditching the alien/mutation aspects of Area 51? I may be getting confused with Far Cry 2. I hope not, anyway, as the alien powers were Area 51’s saving grace (it was, otherwise, a bit mediocre).

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    I think the Blacksite demo was way too early. It still had another 3-4 months development when that came out.