During this drought of online multiplayer games, we were grateful for a tip-off from reader Aleksander Kiin, linking us to Teewars.


Despite appearances, it’s nothing like Worms, so no need to worry there. It is in fact a super-cutesy 2D shmup, with four standard weapons, one very cool bonus samurai sword, and a grappling-hook-chain-thing on the right mouse button for making those awkward leaps.

Once the chain is mastered moving around the maps is lots of fun, making it all the more satisfying when a rocket lands smack-bang in your opponent’s chirpy face. And then you realise you can fire the chain at other players. It’s free, and there are a people playing on the servers even first thing in the morning. Certainly worth checking out.


  1. faceometer says:

    hahaha awesome!
    unfortunately i’m completely awful at it…

  2. F'yth says:

    Wow this game is super awesome!

    It has quite a steep learning curve, but once you get semi-decent with the chain you can do some really cool stuff. I’ve just spent the last 2 hours playing against two guys who rule with the rocketlauncher, and despite me losing every match by about 12 points, it was fun the entire time! Well.. it was’nt so fun at first, but after the first 15 minutes I became somewhat competent at using the chain to dodge the rockets, but after that it wasn’t so much about winning, as it was about the thrill of using the chain to survive the most unsurvivable situations.

    Very Cool.

  3. Ben says:

    I am now sending this link to anyone who will listen.

    I call it “adorably violent.” I’ve tried it on my laptop, but it’s too laggy. Going to try it on my desktop for some 2D cute-smashing fun.

  4. cmaster says:

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