Dust to Dust

Having finally got my computer working after some memory went kiizzzzzzpip! I needed some soothing. Hence, as humans have done through the ages, I turn to the power of art. Nullpointer forwards some links to Jim, who gives them to me. So I found myself reading the developers of Braid talking about landmarks in games, where they link to this:

And a smile starts to cut through the scowl.

Then I head over to the lovely etchasketch artist to discover…

Little little sister and not so big Daddy

And then I calm as calm can be. Time for some ultraviolent videogames, obv.


  1. MisterBritish says:

    Next, I would like to see Aztec rendered in cut obsidian. Chop chop.

  2. Del Boy says:

    I haven’t played CS for years but, yeah, I recognise that…er….sandmap.


  3. Dave Johnston says:

    Oh noes, where did all the crates go?

  4. CannedLizard says:

    Woah, they used my comparison screenshot between Source Dust and 1.6 Dust. My brush with fame is here!

    Although it might be worth noting that I only choose Dust because there was a pre-existing screenshot of de_dust 1.6 on the page, I just mimiced it in Source.