Kicking Off

Readers of increasing age will remember – possibly fondly – the Kick Off games. Top down hyper-speed football which everyone played until Sensible released Sensible Soccer (Except for some people who didn’t and carried on claiming it’s the superior game). Its creator Dino Dini has recently been involved in a little internet-fisticuffs over the state of his Wikipedia page, which basically included a revert-war and a fascinating discussion thread. Having had enough of it, Mr Dini decides that the only possible way for him to express his disgust with Wikipedia is in the medium of song.

No, really.

At RPS, we pride ourselves on our ability to have something to say some on any topic to do with games but – for once – we find ourselves without words. Except for – perhaps – “Blimey”.

(Thanks to – er – the Reverend for pointing this out)


  1. Monkfish says:

    I like the idea of someone having an “alieny retentive” condition. :)

  2. Pod says:

    Wow Kieron, you’re the best!

  3. fluffy bunny says:

    Amusing song. I have to automatically side with Dino Dini in this dispute, because I know for a fact that Stuart Campbell is always wrong. Back in the “good old days”, he used to show up with his big flame throwers whenever someone said they liked The One better than Amiga Power (which is only natural, considering how much better The One was) or anything remotely negative about AP or its style. We often wondered how he managed to do this. Maybe he had unholy powers, a network of infiltrators or just an enormous amount of time to spend looking for (and participating in) arguments.

  4. Morte says:

    fluffy bunny is obviously a mad person.

    Personally I think it’s a shame that Dino should feel the need to do this.

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    I think it’s a shame that any man finds himself so inchoate with rage he’s forced to result to freestyle vocal acrobatics.

    EDIT: Oh – and Fluffy. The dispute’s between Dino and Wikipedia, not Dino and Stuart. For once.


  6. Morte says:

    To be fair to the lad, he can play the guitar.

  7. James says:

    Dini appears to be doing a Jonathon King. Both are men with dubious past achievements who try to live on past glories despite being made irrelevent by developments in their respective industries.

    Yes Kick Off was better than anything else on the 16 bits when it came out out. But that isn’t saying much. Sensi arrived on the scene and showed up Kick Off to be dated and flawed.

    Dini has been trying to live off the Kick Off name for years. To actually still care than somebody once dared point out that Kick Off wasn’t much cop tells me that the man has nothing better in his life to do than sit down and inflict his David Brent style talent on us.

    Meanwhile the Oliver Twins are apparently preparing their own song in response to a poor review given to a Dizzy game by Amstrad Action in 1986…….

  8. Richard says:

    My lovely horse, running through the… field…
    Where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the… wind…

  9. Janek says:


    I was actually pretty tempted to go and see Dino when I spotted him in some local gig listings and thought “Hey isn’t that the dude who made Kick Off?” Never got around to it.

    Sort of wish I had now. I’m sure it’d be an interesting night, although probably not quite as batshit insane as the Wikipedia song.

    I love it.

  10. Stodge says:

    Player Manager was crap. Kick Off was awesome. Nuff said.

  11. Feet says:

    I put this here so that it’s seen.

    I’m at work using IE 7.0 and the sidebar is now at the bottom of the page, rather than on the side. Though I also notice you’ve added the Next Page button at the bottom which is good.

  12. Feet says:

    Hmm, and it’s fine on individual posts. Just not on the front page.

  13. Alec Meer says:

    Best if folk stick comments about site layout problems into the post about the new look really, but thanks, we’ll look into this.

  14. Feet says:

    Aye I have done now, I was just being lazy. :P

  15. MPK says:


    Obessive much?

  16. squiddly says:

    Perhaps he was just having some light hearted fun? Looks like a guy improvising a rant for light relief to me.

  17. riddler says:

    That was the worst excuse for a song I’ve heard. You are not a musician. As for someone critiquing “anally rententive” people obsessed with wikipedia – you seem the most obsessive out of all of them.

  18. Jim Rossignol says:

    Riddler, did you not read the words?

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