RPS At Valve

We’re chuffed to declare that RPS will have reviews of Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Portal at the moment the Orange Box goes live on October 10th. Nowhere else on the net will be publishing reviews before this date, so frankly, check us out and our fancy new haircut.

Fetch my crowbar

Today was spent in Valve HQ playing the latest chapter in the Half-Life story, and tomorrow morning I’ll be leaping through Portals, before interviewing anyone I can nail to a chair. Expect to see interviews here in the next couple of weeks before release.

More details later this week.


  1. Martin Coxall says:

    Congraturation! A Winner is You!

  2. dartt says:

    You lucky devil! Is there a headcrab pinanta waiting to be smashed?

    You guys are doing some great work. Some fine articles, great little snippets of news about those quirky indie games folks and now jet setting around the world to get us the scoop on the orange box.

    Little RPS has grown up so fast!

  3. Freelancepolice says:

    Superb! Take that ign

  4. Adam Hepton says:

    That box doesn’t look very orange to me. Arf.

  5. Yiorgos says:

    Its not very well rendered either. Is that Source? Nice textures on the floor tho :P

  6. Martin Coxall says:

    Its not very well rendered either. Is that Source? Nice textures on the floor tho :P

    Crates are *such* an FPS cliche too. VaLVE: must try harder.

  7. bob_arctor says:

    The surroundings make me think of Soviet decay.

  8. Martin Coxall says:

    Speaking of which:

    link to technology.newscientist.com


    We all die.

  9. Dave Johnston says:

    I. Want. That. Box. Today.

  10. Ben Hazell says:

    So if you’ve bagged the net exclusive… does that mean that another, non net, paper based publication that you all sometimes work for might be putting out an earlier review? Can anyone whisper confirmatin of the Orange Issue for the end of sept?

  11. Cargo Cult says:

    The pedestal to the left of the crate holds the Holy Golden Crowbar.

    I’ve often wondered if anyone has tried breaking the crate with said crowbar. And what would happen to said person afterwards.

    Ritual torture upon the Almighty Valve?

  12. Kast says:

    I was just about to pop in here and ask the question “Does anyone know what is on the pedestal to the left of the crate? Five gold stars for the first correct answer” when I notice that old Cargo Cult here snuck in and beat me. He’s future-psychic, guys!

    Not only that but he succeeded in slipping in a link to his development blog while he was at it. Impressive :P

    I must admit to originally mistaking said golden crowbar (see top of linked picture) for some sort of handrail attached to the fish tank. What a mistake-a to make-a, heh?

    @Ben – Well, the “Next Month’s” page of the magazine you imply did indeed claim that this coming issue will contain reviews of the Orange Box games. While that particular page is regularly over-ambitious (to put it politely), I think we can be fairly certain of reviews in time for… hmm, tomorrow as it happens.