Kane & Lynch Footage

I’ve not been paying a great deal of attention to IO Interactive‘s two-man shooter, Kane & Lynch, but there’s every reason to think this might actually be pretty interesting. Hitman: Blood Money ate a load of my spare time this year, so I’m eager to see what IO can manage to come up with next. I’m also keen to see how this new fad for co-op gaming plays out. Five years ago there was barely a dozen co-op shooters in existence, now they’re clambering out of every marketing spreadsheet. This has to be a good thing, and the ideas that developers come up with for making players work together are going to change the way we play – subtly perhaps, but we’re already seeing the ideas build up. (Pulling buddies to their feet in Gears Of War, for example.)

Thanks, Game Trailers.

And what do you think, readers?

EDIT: 20th November release date – it’s going to be a busy November.


  1. H says:

    Looks great, it has a very Hitman feel to it, I think, although obviously frenetic.

  2. Gulag says:

    Didn’t like the melee take-down, animation looked lazy. Sort of interested in the game though, characters & story look strong

  3. Robin says:

    It’s Freedom Fighters – in space. Well, in non-PS2-o-vision at least.

    How can it fail?

  4. Andrew Doull says:

    After seeing Ian Livingstone talk at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, this game has left a bad taste in my mouth. He appears to have gone straight to the ‘creating characters for Hollywood movies’ school of game design, which doesn’t bode too well for the actual game. I live blogged most of the presentations there if you wanted to check out my blog.

    It didn’t help that the presentation was in lower resolution than normal, but the game play at that point looked very generic.