Stranglehold – PC Gamer Review

The fine folks at PCG have added my recent review of Stranglehold to their online cauldron. Using your eyes, you can read it after clicking on the text below.

Here’s cool: slow motion diving through the air, pistol in each hand, taking out all 15 baddies in the room. There’s no denying this. Now do it sliding down a bannister, riding belly-first on a trolley, or gliding along the back of a museum dinosaur.

No one can call into question the inherent coolness of John Woo’s gun-toting action style – although perhaps they might want to ponder on the overall quality of his later films (cough-Broken Arrow-cough). Stranglehold is a sequel of sorts to his 1992 Hong Kong film, Hard Boiled, with Woo there to direct the cutscenes to match his familiar policy of action before story, and to ensure the game has a suitable body count.


  1. SwiftRanger says:

    Broken Arrow is pretty good for an American action-flick, it has five heli’s going down/blowing up in various (slow-motion) ways and Travolta is wacked in a glorious manner, what more can you ask? :)

    Didn’t Stranglehold have multiplayer as well? Heard some less positive stuff about it though.

  2. John Walker says:

    The multiplayer isn’t much cop. You can’t use the Tequila Time, obv, and so it becomes generic running around shooting. Not really worth worrying about.

  3. SwiftRanger says:

    Ah ok.