Ultima Online-ier

If you’re as bearded as I am – and few, at the moment, are more bearded than I am – you probably had an Ultima Online account at some time or another. Good news – since their general renovations to the world, they’ve invited us all back for two weeks of play. Time for an RPS: Woop, methinks. Woop!

If dragons were real, would you eat one? Write in and tell us.

Basically, if you’ve ever had an UO account at any time, your account is reactivated. Pop on. See old friends and get ganked by them or something. Hell, you don’t even need to dig out the old discs, as they’ll let you download the client. Go here for more details.

Clearly, the most important thing about this news is that Alec will be able to carry on his The Worst Ninja series without having to pay any money and/or whine at EA PRs until they give him a press account.


  1. Shanucore says:


    (For The Worst Ninja, anyway. I’ve never played Ultima Online. Missed the boat back in the day, and I don’t know if I could get into it now.)

  2. Pod says:

    Sigh! I last played it on an official shard about ….7 (possible?) years ago. I doubt I can even remember which ISP I was with at the time, let alone have access to the email account used!

  3. UOStock.com says:

    They actually do this promotion every year, and from what I’ve seen it works rather well. Sales during the week of and following the promotion this year were around 25% greater then an average week. Which really isn’t anything to squawk at, so props to them for luring some oldies back.

    Do you currently play on a player-run server Pod? If so which one? Defiance is a very good player run server with a large playerbase and an old-school (Circa,1999) ruleset which really can be fun.