Bear Go Home

You’ll have to excuse me if you’ve seen this one before, but the consistently excellent Indygamer just happened to link me in the direction of Bear Go Home. It’s a peculiar creature, and has washed up on our link-logging shores thanks to the Dare To Be Digital competition, which pits student game designers in a fight to the death game design competition.

Anyway, the titular bear has to head home, and you’ll get him there via pulling at bits of his anatomy with the mouse-pointer – pulling his tail and letting go to make him move faster, pulling him up by the scalp to jump, stretching his jaw to catch fruit, that sort of thing.

It's bears!

It all looks super cute, especially with the wrapping-paper-illustration visuals. Terrifyingly, however, the background music is some kind of looped playground chant, as sung by little girls. I can only imagine them as the little girls from The Shining. It couldn’t be more sinister if it tried.

The control method is just a little bit annoying, although the idea’s a good ‘un. I hope they can polish it up a bit more with some active hints and so forth.

Get the 70mb Bear Go Home download here.


  1. Martin Coxall says:

    Featuring an art style lovingly nicked from Loco Roco, then?

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    “Inspired by”.

  3. simonkaye says:

    It’s a pretty frustrating experience, let’s be honest.

  4. The Sombrero Kid says:

    my mate done this for dare to be digital, it won the art award, i thought it was Fing good for 6 weeks work

    yeah the art style is a bit loco roco, but it’s supposed to be chinease paper drawings or something.

  5. Joe says:

    I am through to the end of level 3 (and the bosses are beautifully designed).
    The controls are a bit annoying, but the visual style and SFX makes up for it. And come on, it’s a bloody game made by students in 6 weeks.
    I dig it!

  6. Chris says:

    Hey guys cheers for everyone’s comments and thanks for the article. We actually had 9 weeks to make the game prototype, and we are really happy with what we achieved.

    I totally take on board the critisms about how it can be sometimes frustrating to play, we did have plans for interactive help and tutorials etc. but we simply didn’t have time to get them done (If I had a pound for every time a game dev used that one :P). Also we had to prototype what the whole game would be, so we had to get the judges straight in the action, and therefore the learning curve is insane!

    Cheers again guys,

  7. Fengming Bao says:

    Here is a latest version can download from,and plz give us more advice,we are still working with this game.

  8. Eoghan says:

    I think he means

  9. Eoghan says:

    Oh dear, I think I mean

  10. groudon128 says:

    I liked the playground sounding music. It’s kind hearted and awesome!