Lifters, Shifters, And Drifters

If these people find messing around with cranes, and tumbling down hillsides in jelly-tyred juggernauts half as entertaining as I do then Rigs Of Rods should sweep the board at next year’s IGF.

The version the judges will be playing was unveiled yesterday. Bigger, better, and beautiful-er than before, it’s one of two excellent freeware automotive sims released this month.

BMW M3 Challenge is the other one. Though it only sports a single car type (the titular Teutonic coupe) and a pair of tracks (two different configurations of the Nurburgring) this Blimey-made driveable billboard has the kind of authoritative physics, solid AI, and generous selection of modes (time trial, full race weekends, MP…) that most payware race sims would kill for.

There’s a strong odour of the marvellous GT Legends – so strong in fact, it’s possible (though not easy) to import your favourite GTL tracks.


  1. Carey says:

    RoR is best. Shame there’s no network code in yet but he’s working on it apparently. If you like physics and or planes, cars and jelly you MUST look at Rigs of Rods.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    That there BMW game is pretty good. Corporate marketing exercise *approved*.

  3. Cigol says:

    Not tried RoR yet, is it worth getting my wheel set-up for?

    The BMW game is good, but if you have GTR/2 or something similar then there’s not much reason to download and play, that is unless you’re a hardcore BMW enthusiast (in which case you’re probably a knob who drives his car like a spastic).