Raph Shows Off Metaplace

Here’s Raph Koster talking about his proposed wikification of MMO’s, Metaplace. The more I look at this stuff, the more I fear for how much random pseudo-gaming material I’m going to have to look at in the next couple of decades. “Jim, can you give us a round up of the best twenty spaces on Metaplace?” Cut to me scrolling through 73,000 incrementally different fantasy parlours. Gah.

What I’m trying to say is: I think this will probably be very big indeed. If Koster’s team can get the toolset right, or even half right, this is going to be a very important aspect of how the web will working in a couple of year’s time. It might not even be Metaplace the does it successfully, after all, we had There before Second Life swamped the web, and Everquest before World Of Warcraft became the best thing since sliced undead.

Anyway, take a look. It’s pretty brief, but the idea is in motion:

Via the essential Alice.


  1. Brinstar says:

    Metaplace definitely has a lot of potential. It could even be used as extensions of existing forums and communities, which could be kind of neat.

  2. nectarine says:

    I’m very enthused about this. I signed up for their alpha, but I’m not holding out hope. They seem to want game designers and press from the look of their questionnaire.

  3. Liz says:

    Saw your article on MetaPlace, thought you would be interested in this news…

    The first wave of users has been given access to the new VastPark toolset… with the remaining access being allocated over the next three weeks.

    This is only the first of several tools that VastPark will be rolling out over the next few months for the exclusive use of those signed up.