The Dutch Army: N00bs.

You may be aware that as well as releasing splendid (if a little – er – twitchy) Soldier Sims, Bohemia interactive turn their Armed Assault (i.e. Flashpoint minus the intellectual property rights) into military simulators. VBS2 is actually developed by Bohemia Australia. Among their clients are the Dutch army, who recently arranged a game between five professionally trained soldiers and five gamers. Jerry Hopper was there.

We are 0wned. Retreat!

The gamers would do whatever gamers would do. The Army would work according to official doctrine. Since the soldiers in question weren’t actually familiar with VBS2, the results were perhaps a trifle predictable, but that’s hardly the point.

RPS would challenge the SAS to a game of TF2 to decide who’s the hardest three-letter-acronym group on the surface of the planet, but we’re far too scared they’ll slide a blade across our throats in our sleep or something.


  1. John Walker says:

    Sorry, what has this got to do with Team Fortress 2?

  2. Nuyan says:

    Everything has something to do with TF2!

    But fun article!

  3. Joe says:

    Indeed, that was a really interesting article.
    Good stuff!

  4. Peter says:

    Surely the next logical step is to run the match again, but this time for real, with exactly the same rules, but the home/away advantage reversed.

    I’m guessing Bunny hopping isn’t *quite* so effective when you’ve got 40 odd pounds of kit on your back…

  5. walker says:

    There is no bunnyhopping in VBS2/ArmA you cannot do it it is simulation not a game.

  6. rohan money says:

    If you have enoughrohan money, you will be able to different games.

  7. clovus says:

    Wow, rohan money sounds great! I’ve always wanted to different games. Looks like someboty just the internet.

  8. armed assault demo says:

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