5 Days A Stranger In 3D

While Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is currently rolling around in fame with his superb Zero Punctuation Flash reviews on The Escapist, there’s an even better reason to know his name: his AGS adventure games. And best of these are the Trilby games – a series of stories spanning hundreds of years, following the recurring evil ghost of a murdered son, from his initial death all the way to a futuristic cult’s base. So it’s with glee that I discover the first of these, 5 Days A Stranger, is being remade in something called “3D”.

There's a THIRD dimension now?

While it’s not Yahtzee’s project, he’s involved behind the scenes. And that’ll do. It’s still early days, but the project appears to be running with some enthusiasm. They’re using the Source engine, which is rapidly becoming the engine of choice for indie adventure development, and will certainly give it a more modern look than the original’s gloriously retro stylings. There’s a dev blog and forum on the new site, and a recruitment page, so hey, get involved.


  1. Theory says:

    I’d quite forgotten about this. Wish them luck! :-)

  2. Smee says:

    Hot. Damn.

  3. Andrew says:


    5 Days A Stranger is the only one of those games I’ve ever actually played to completion, actually. Played halfway through 7 Days A Skeptic and then got sidetracked. I need to play them all.

    And a 3D version, done well, would be fantastic.

  4. Adam says:


  5. subodh says:

    oh my god i would love to play this 3d game i love all of the trilby’s game and also 7 days a skeptic and 6 day a sacrifice i have completed the game till end yoooo

  6. subodh says:

    plz plz launch the 5 days 3d game i am eager to buy that cd and play the game

  7. subodh says:

    and plz music would be the same tje title music i love to hear it again and again