Age Of Conan: Siege Trailer

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Funcom’s troubled Conan MMO is its proposed 50-aside sieges. These massed assaults are one end of its multi-tiered PvP (at the other end of which lies drunken bar brawling, where the more you drink, the more damage you can do) but we’ve not yet seen much in the way of details about how they’ll work.

This recent trailer shows a tiny, mocked up glimpse of what we should expect. The fact that camera cuts away from showing the actual wall breaches or any such significant siege action does not seem to bode well, but I’m still interested in how the overall resource-control and larger land-grabbing game will work. After all, system sieges in Eve Online are the most tedious thing imaginable, and yet the struggle for control over territory remains one of the game’s driving forces.

Anyway, thanks Gametrailers!


  1. SteveTheBlack says:

    Poor Age of Conan. I want to like it but I’m so fed up of MMO combat now. I like to feel it when I smack someone with a sword, the sword should actually connect not just swing and play a slash noise. It’s not a bad thing per se, I’m just sick of it, and in every video of this I’ve seen the combat works that way :(

    Also, it was a little disheartening to see the whole “building rising out of the ground during construction” thing but the fact you can actually build cities seems cool. It’s got good scope though, I’m going to keep an eye on it. Even when I dislike how MMOs look from videos I usually have a different experience when I play it.

  2. Battlechick says:

    The first time I saw Conan at Gstar, I was worried. Then next time I saw it at X06, I was even more worried. I’m still not convinced that this is going to be anywhere near a good game. Some very good friends have been trying to persuade me that, in fact, there is some really interesting stuff going on behind the scenes and that this will be a much better game than anyone is expecting. But, honestly, based on that video, I’m still not convinced.

  3. mno says: has some interesting vids where two AoC developers walk you through one of their test games. They play a siege battle where you can see the ballista’s knocking down the walls, you should watch it if you’ve missed it at the ending here.

    link to

    Its 24 minutes long and the siege is on the second halve of the vid so bear with it.

  4. Kadayi says:

    I think the game is definitely going down as a ‘must play’ simply to contrast it versus the WoW model, however I can’t say I agree with the styling of it (it doesn’t say ‘Conan’ to me based off the books I’ve read), and likewise feel the combat looks underwhelming, rather than asskicking as I’d hoped.

  5. bode panzer says:

    […] to the US current account deficit, China, central bank reserves and the global flow of funds.Age Of Conan: Siege Trailer | Rock, Paper, ShotgunPerhaps the most interesting aspect of Funcom's troubled Conan MMO is its proposed 50-aside sieges. […]