By The Way

Slightly embarassingly, we’ve realised we neglected to include a ‘Contact’ page in our recent redesign. This is because we are very, very stupid. Anyway, now we do, in the shape of an almost entirely rewritten About page, complete with exciting bonus puns and self-indulgent mini-autobiographies.

I bring this up only because it also mentions the games each of us would take to a desert island, as that is of course the sole circumstance under which a person could name their favourite things. I’d hate to think that our readers might miss out on an opportunity to sneer at us for our ridiculous choices, simply because they thought that page was the same as always. Please, sneer away.


  1. The_B says:

    How long before pixplz?

    Just to be sure you exsist. That or you start posting stories as SHODAN or GLaDOS…which come to think of it could be pretty cool…

  2. Andrew says: would actually have been a pretty good domain name.

    But Rock Paper Shotgun is best.