Enemy Territory: Another Trailer

Here’s a new video with Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood and Id Software’s Kevin Cloud talking about teamplay in Enemy Territory. Yeah, it’s a mere marketing-speak exercise, but the video itself gives some idea of the things you get up to in ETQW. The acrobatics with the Strogg buggy, for example, as well as some of the more impressive objectives such as the mining laser.

Thanks, Game Trailers. Thanks.

If only it looked this good on my PC. I think it might be upgrade-o-clock.


  1. solios says:

    Wow. Close your eyes and everything he’s saying applies to WET just as easily as ETQW – particularly the bits about attaining objectives. Looks like exactly the same game, only with a sci-fi skin and much higher system requirements. If the Other Team could take BACK one of your objectives… now THAT would be something!

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    Aye, it is basically WET with extras. But then WET was a fine game, eh?

  3. solios says:

    Indeed it was. Even if the Mac client seemed to be really twitchy with regards to Punkbuster. Still, I spent many an hour in WET and greatly enjoyed it.

    With all the pretty, you’d think they’d have done more to actually “enhance” the gameplay than just adding driveable vehicles, though!

  4. The_B says:

    To be fair though, did the WET mechanic really need to be changed that much? I mean, a lot of people played that game – even if the main motivation may have been the free-ness of it – so a lot of players should be familiar with at least the basic concepts.

    The ironic thing is though, the main hurdle for the game is reminding everyone it’s supposed to be ET, rather than Battlefield – moreso after 2142 which hasn’t really helped. Gamers seem to have a short term…err…whatchamacallit…

  5. Alex Hopkinson says:

    I’d say the engineer/constructor alone makes it a more than “just WET but shinier”.

    It’s definitely an evolution of WET but they’ve folded in the size and vehicle aspects of BF2 alongside some approaches to defence from Fortress games.

  6. Andrew says:

    I can’t bring myself to be interested in Quake Wars, unfortunately.

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    Aye, the variety of the objectives, toys like the flier drones and the artillery – there’s a lot of cool stuff in there.

  8. The_B says:

    “just WET but shinier”

    That just sounds so wrong, somehow…

  9. MisterBritish says:

    This is why I’m glad I played the demo before buying the game; all their marketing stuff makes the infantry experience look like a measured, tactical affair, rather than the jumpy, spammy, horrible DM it is.

    Why don’t they show any of this? Are they ashamed of it? Or does the actual gameplay make for a horrible advertisment?

  10. The_B says:

    But there can be measured tactical gameplay. Granted this is difficult to achieve on a public server, but it’s an issue with all online shooters. If you manage to play ET in a proper co-ordinated team, it’s a grand affair, on par with many other squad based shooters.

    Even without the team though, I think it provides a fairly solid experience. Especially the mission system giving real structure to the play, as opposed to the original, whereas everyone ended up gathering around the main objectives – and trying to do them.

  11. Synoptase` says:

    ETQW is just without any flavor. Colors go from green to brown end of the line. Of course it uses the latest “nextgen” effects and shaders. It may be fun at the beginning, but you don’t get addicted.
    So different then TF2 which has, in my opinion something you could call “a soul”.


  12. Alex Hopkinson says:

    Considering there are desert maps, snow maps, forest maps, night maps, sunset maps (the sunset stuff is very nice indeed), sunny maps, cloudy maps and mountain maps I’d say your “colours go from green to brown” comment is somewhat inaccurate….

  13. Mori says:

    I bought my copy last week, and it’s a good fun game. The combat is kind of jumping and spraying based so I usually play as the oppressor or infiltrator and just snipe people. I love being able to take down vehicles easily as the aggressor though. I really love the oppressor and infiltrator though, they get a whole bunch of cool toys. Most of the classes do to be fair. I love the strogg vehicles, and the funny “WHY THANK YOU!” voiceovers the strogg have. The lack of an irritating stamina bar is good though. Why should alien robots get tired after sprinting for 20 seconds? I just wish that the infantry vs infantry combat was more the pace of BF2142, I seem to die a lot right now.

    In short:
    Good- Most classes get fun stuff, the weapons are really nicely animated, and the strogg weapons are creepily organic in their movements, even though they’re made of metal. Vehicles are good. The artillery targetter. The spy drone and railgun. The plasma charges and obliterator. The mines. The maps are really beautiful and so are the graphics.

    Bad- Spammy infantry combat, which sucks. No blood (I understand why there is no gibbing, but still). A crap team will ruin the game, which is pretty much inevitable on the public servers. Tormentor should use mouse to turn and pitch, rather than roll and pitch.