Various Theme, Unique Item!

I think I found the polar opposite of Quake Wars: it’s the trailer for Nexon’s Mariokart-inspired PC racer, KartRider.

Game Trailers, we salute you.

This game has been rather popular in South Korea over the last couple of years, where Nexon have it installed on pretty much every gaming Cafe PC. Nexon makes its money from micropayments for kart upgrades, so you can log in and play for free whenever you want. The same model is being distributed over the net here, and, like Maple Story, will have US and European releases.

You can get the 232mb client for the American version here, although you seem to be able to play it anywhere. Quite why you have to enter your date of birth twice as well as your ‘ethnicity’ is beyond me, however…


  1. Bobsy says:

    (I rather liked Lego Racers)

  2. Masked Dave says:

    I will enjoy drift, thank you.

    Although I’m pretty sure Nintendo have grounds to sue…

  3. Biffpow says:

    Golly, I sure hope they play that catchy music the whole way through.
    Irritating enough that I’m pretty sure it would give Pizzicatto 5 grounds to sue.

  4. Mike says:

    As you’d imagine, I’ve tried this. AVG is convinced that Nexon’s client software is a trojan. Hmmm…

  5. Mike the 2nd says:

    The words ‘Original Item’ comes up in that trailer and then the ‘trip up banana’ is shown, yeah I’ve never seen that used before!

  6. Crispy says:

    ‘MarioKart-inspired’ is just about the biggest understatement I’ve ever read. It’s a -complete- rip-off!