Won’t You Please Take It Home

A demo you may have missed – Escape From Paradise City, so far the only game this year to mash up John Carpenter movies and Guns’n’Roses. For that, it must be at least be admired.

Its comedy gangster tone means folk may presume it to be oh-god-not-another-GTA-clone, but actually (as players of its forerunner Gangland will know) it’s got more in common with Syndicate and the tragically compromised Republic: The Revolution. Won’t say any more because I’m reviewing it elsewhere, but do take a look at the demo.


  1. Willem says:

    Okay, the site says my PC can run this. I DO NOT BELIEVE THESE LIES. But I’ll try it anyway. If it doesn’t run, I’m blaming YOU.

  2. Chis says:

    This has Guns’n’Roses in it? Begone! Begone foul 80s hair excesses, and gimme some Oingo Boingo. Or The Police.

  3. Willem says:

    It works, but it’s a bit shit, I’m afraid. I mean, the first thing with the gunman was too easy and the bit with the fat guy had respawning enemies.

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