Puzzle Quest: Release Date Confirmed

The PC Demo’s been online for months, which was leading me to wonder what on earth was delaying the full version. Thankfully, it’s all sorted out, and will be out on the 22nd in the US. This is a good thing.

Baldur's Gate III: Invasion Of the Coloured Jewels

Puzzle Quest joins Peggle and Bookworm Adventures, becoming the third part of the holy Puzzle Trinity this year. Peggle (available to download here, weighing in at 14.3 MB or the size of 1 Peggle) is the one which has innovated in terms of mechanisms – mashing Pachinko into an inversed Puzzle Bobble. Bookworm Adventures and Puzzle Quest innovate in terms of structure. In Puzzle Quest’s case, it takes a simple RPG/Quest game and where they’d normally have battles, inserts games of Zoo Keeper. Shockingly, it works brilliantly. And, to add to the absurdity, the whole thing is set place in the none-more-PC-ier Warlords universe.

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  1. Betsy Duncan-Smith says:

    This game really wants to be played on a DS, not a PC.


  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    This game really wants to be played.



  3. Betsy Duncan-Smith says:

    Aye it does.

    FWIW, the game sounds like it should be insufferably geeky. And even though it is, and even though the AI is a FILTHY CHEATING BASTARD, the game is utterly charming.

  4. Jonathan Burroughs says:


  5. Morte says:

    Yes, the game is splendid…but the AI does cheat like a Tory cabinet member and that’s a lot.

  6. Iain says:

    One thing I’ve learned from playing Puzzle Quest: Never, EVER, do the suggested move.

  7. Robin says:

    The AI doesn’t cheat. It just gets the ‘negate spell’ ability later on which turns a game which already had a tenuous grip on strategy into sheer, infuriating blind luck.

  8. Lucky says:

    “And even though it is, and even though the AI is a FILTHY CHEATING BASTARD, the game is utterly charming.”

    “One thing I’ve learned from playing Puzzle Quest: Never, EVER, do the suggested move.”

    Good to hear I’m not alone with these feelings. Even if the game is horribly based on luck, it’s still fun. I’d also say that the DS version kind of suffers from the small resolution.

  9. Phil says:

    The Stylus input makes up for it by FAR. You’ll need a screen protector though, as my Hori screens have some very distin Puzzle Quest tracks on them now, and I’d hate to see that happen to the screen directly.

    A full on PC version scares me though, I spent at least a month hooked on the demo alone while trying to track down a DS copy. :(

    And no, don’t take the Suggested Moves, just learn to be a cheatier bastard than the AI and you’ll be fine :)

  10. Ging says:

    I suspect I’ll grab it off XBLA when it hits on wednesday – at least that way temptation isn’t directly on my PC, stopping me from doing work, instead, it’s next to my PC… But still, it’s a start!

  11. Sucram says:

    Puzzle Quest is one of those games that is so addictive that you assume must it be fun.

  12. Powerhaus says:

    Puzzle quest on the DS is phenomenal. It does get tedious though, whether the AI cheats or not. Good times.

  13. Rock, Paper, Shotgun » Blog Archive » Puzzle Quest A Go-Go says:

    […] Kieron posted a couple of days ago about the freshly confirmed release date for Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, on the 22nd Oct. Turns out their “confirmation” wasn’t enormously accurate, what with the game being on Gamersgate today. […]

  14. Joe says:

    want DS *cries*