Don’t Call It A Comeback: Harrier Attackier

Of all the things I thought I’d be writing about today, announcing a sequel to Durrell’s 1983’s Harrier Attack would have come below Messiah Returns, Cancer Cured or Obsidian Release Game Without Some Crazy Ass Bug in it. Shows what I know.

Cheerfully non-representitive screenshot.

Durrell’s 1983’s Harrier Attack has a sequel! And a 6.5Mb demo (That’s less than 1 Peggle, so entirely outside the scientific precision of our standard-measurement system for file-sizes, annoyingly). Harrier Attack was actually a forerunner of authentic mili-porn Tom Clancy-ville. Abstractly, just a left-right scrolling shooter, it amped it up with some nods to authenticity, including a Falklands War inspired setting. This sequel follows it, and amps it up even further. This is a left right scrolling shooter where there’s eight tutorials to play to introduce various facets – there’s even a character growth system, key-codes for special abilities (including turning), missions involving hugging the land to avoid radar and… well, it’s different. When playing the demo, to start with, I thought this was going to be just a charity blog post for old time’s sake. But there’s actually something here which reminds me of old Amiga Power favourite Jetstrike and I suspect this could get beneath the skin of a surprising number of you.


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    Smaller files are measured in Wolfenstein 3Ds, I believe.

  2. Cargo Cult says:

    Not Doom demos?

    (Memories of transferring the 2.something MB file from my internet-connected Atari ST to a PC over a null modem cable…)

  3. dwm says:

    Floppy disks? Or perhaps you could use one of these new-fangled decimal “points” my Maths teacher was always telling me about.

  4. The Sombrero Kid says:

    or centi peggles and mill peggles

  5. Rich Tysoe says:

    That’s made my day!

    I spent a very large amount of my formative days paying Harrier attack on the my old amstrad CPC.

    the game has knackered my taskbar, though. it’s now halfway up the screen.

  6. Sucram says:

    Harrier Attack was quite possibly fantastic, but I last played it when I was about 6 so can’t be sure.

    Disappointed that it didn’t seem possible to bomb my own carrier as I took off in this version.