Cuddle Your Cube

So this is weird. Tonight, in a fit of madness and love, I emailed Valve’s over-harrassed PR wunder-human to demand that they immediately begin manufacturing a Weighted Companion Cube plush toy to add to their range. (While over there, I spotted a prototype Hunter plushie, which was all kinds of cute). And then I find they’ve already confirmed it, via the least official means possible.

PC Gamer report that an email from Gabe Newell was posted on Penny Arcade’s forum, assuring him that cuddly cubes will be out before Christmas. Or as I prefer to put it to everyone who loves me, in time for Christmas.

So if a forum post linked via a blog post (for a magazine that appears to have completely THIEVED our guide for getting That Song from your files without crediting us at all – I’d assume they sourced it from elsewhere as is hugely likely, but then I’d not be able to feel self-righteous) is true, hip-hip: hooray!

Now, the question remains, will they be making plush incinerators?


  1. Moto42 says:

    I’m gonna make my own, full size, dense-foam core weighted companion cube.

    Where the hell am I going to find good foam for this?

  2. Lurkily says:

    Would anybody like a WCC animated sig? Take a look at this, for those of you who like the desktop wallpapers. :)

    link to
    And tell me if you like it, here. It’s not a Portal forum, or even any Steam game forum, but it’s where I posted my poll, and right now the people who care have it as 5-3 in favor. Not a resounding endorsement.

  3. T@T-2-MoNk3y says:

    i want this t-shirt from CAD…

    “I’ve got a couple of new shirt designs that I’m hoping we’ll have out before Christmas. The first is pretty self explanatory:”

    link to

  4. DuRP says:

    The CaKE Is hOLOgrAPHIC… ThATS wHY

  5. Boz says:

    I am a jewelery student and currently learning how to solder sheets of metal together…might take this opportunity to make a WCC belt buckle or a set of WWC/Cake earings ^_^

  6. BlastR says:

    I ate cake.
    Very moist one.

  7. John says:

    someone has made a game about the weighted companion cube!! its mental! cant wait for the final game

    heres the url :
    link to


  8. Andrew says:

    Is there counseling for people who have “euthanised” their WCC?

  9. Jessica Sideways says:

    Are they going to release them for THIS Christmas?

  10. Crystal says:

    And, its released :D