I Love You, Weighted Companion Cube

I do.

And I have a desktop to prove it.

I'll never leave you.

(Found by Rllmuk)


  1. Theory says:

    Did I miss something about the cube? It wasn’t such a big deal for me.

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    You will die alone.

    (Meanwhile, I will die lamenting my rash decisions. Oh, to touch the cubical sides again…)


  3. SteveTheBlack says:

    Kieron, you live saver. I loved that cube! Now I too have a background to prove it. Cheers :D

  4. Cargo Cult says:

    I tried drowning the emptiness in my soul with brief dalliances with other cubes, but it just wasn’t the same.

    Still heartbroken. :-(

  5. Watcher95 says:

    A Cube Haiku

    Oh cube, my soulmate,

    Six sides, always present

    Come with me, free me!

  6. John Walker says:

    One more syllable needed in the middle line!

    (I suggest: six sided, always present)

  7. Watcher95 says:

    Darnit, that’s what i get using notepad to compose these.

    A Cube Haiku, v1.01

    Oh cube, my soulmate,

    Six sided, always present

    Come with me, free me!

  8. John Walker says:

    I’m moved beyond tears.

  9. Gulag says:

    Ours was not a healthy relationship.
    Sometimes I felt ‘Cubey’ was using me for her own ends.

    She treated like an object.

    Yet still this sadness lingers…

  10. Martin Coxall says:

    I think WCC is out of my league.

    I still would.

    I wish there were a 1900×1200 of that.

  11. Thiefsie says:

    I prefer cake personally.

  12. Synoptase says:

    French version is ok, but since i read around here that it was the same voice from tf2, i’m wondering if there’s a way of playing it again in english … ‘Cubey’ doesn’t speak but likes to be spoken of!

  13. The_B says:

    I ate cakey with WCC.

    A moment that will last forever.

  14. Kast says:

    Synoptase – I believe there’s a language tab in the options.

    The WCC now adorns my desktop and shall remain there until replaced by cake. O cake… that damn lying GLaDOS promised such delicious and moistness! Fie on her and all her kingdom for denying me promised cake.

  15. The_B says:

    I also think RPS’ name should be henceforth changed to “Rock, Cake, Weighted Companion Cube”

  16. Seniath says:

    For those who dally with Facebook (which is, I believe, everyone in the world ever?); link to leedsac.facebook.com

  17. Tom Reynolds says:

    So – who is going to make the physical artifact? It’s one of those beautiful objects that I would spend silly amounts of money for.

    But of course it wouldn’t *be* silly money, as it would be my friend. And I could hug it under candlelight at night.

    For it is my love.

    (And for not the first time I curse my inability to do anything with my hands besides destroy…)

  18. Bobsy says:

    Well, I’d certainly buy a life-sized WCC. But only if I could keep stuff in it.

  19. Cargo Cult says:

    (And for not the first time I curse my inability to do anything with my hands besides destroy…)

    Um… Tom? Aren’t you that Mighty Healing Ambulance-Man? I’m afraid!

    On-topic: I think Valve would be mad not to produce cubes for sale. Although it may feel a little perverted, purchasing a tawdry, plastic simulation of one’s true love…

  20. Adam Hepton says:

    I have just put my cube in the fire. And it felt like MY cube, too. Sob.

  21. Matthew Williamson says:

    Love the cube,

    The cake is a lie.

    Life is simple.

  22. Brant says:

    @Bobsy: I think giving a real-life WCC a useful function (beyond holding things down) would undermine the smug sense of in-jokiness that owning one would provide in the first place. But I’d still love it either way.

  23. Bobsy says:

    Yes yes yes, I know a REAL WCC would have to be solid and otherwise useless of course. But I wouldn’t have such a massive, heavy taker-of-space in my house if I couldn’t…

    Oh my god, I have it.



  24. Tom Reynolds says:

    Cargo Cult – yes I am, and I am correct in what I say.

  25. Pentadact says:

    Tom, Bobsy, Cargo – Valve are making one. Before the end of the year. See here! link to computerandvideogames.com

  26. Tom Reynolds says:

    And on a secondary note – how many people have hatred in their heart for the ‘Advanced’ (read:pretender to my affections) Sphere.

    Pentadact – There is joy in my heart at this news. So much so that even overseas shipping will hold no fear for me.

  27. Kast says:

    “And on a secondary note – how many people have hatred in their heart for the ‘Advanced’ (read:pretender to my affections) Sphere.”

    It doesn’t even have a heart on it! It’s smooth, round surfaces are an anathema to me!

  28. Crispy says:

    /leaves quietly

  29. Brant says:

    Hmm, I guess I could make an exception for beer storage.

    Also, the sphere is just a cheap floozy. It’s bad news.

  30. Test Subject #567587665798678968907890790789079089078568678578785789689 says:

    link to lovethecube.blogspot.com

  31. wccube says:

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  32. Alex says:

    Does anyone want to read my Weighted Companion Cube fan fiction? Just kidding, but it’s only a matter of time before the more terrifying geekdom sets in across the web…

  33. Anthony ^_^ says:

    hehe, I wuv da’ companion cube ^_^

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  35. ISIS says:

    Oh, Companion cube.
    Why did u leave me?
    I loved u, cared 4 u
    but i had 2 chuck u
    in the incinerator.

    i didnt want to!
    GLaDOS made me!
    it said there would be cake,
    it said it cared…

  36. ISIS says:


  37. ISIS says:

    i yearn for you, weighted companion cube.
    i would kill, to get you back.
    i want to destroy the incinerator, that killed you.
    i want you back, with all my miserable heart.

  38. ISIS says:

    (sounds like crazed woman)
    Oh…to touch those cubical sides once more would make my miserable self bring happiness to the world once again.

  39. zomg says:


  40. ISIS says:

    Yes! A fridge would be perfect!