Subtle, Isn’t It?

SimCity Societies is almost upon us, with release set for the 13th of November in the US and the 16th in Europe. But does anyone still care about SimCity? I recently visited SimCity 2000 for a PC Gamer retrospective and was consumed for a couple of days – especially after cheating to give myself unlimited landscaping funds – but I couldn’t help wondering what a new SimCity game could actually deliver? And what would you want from another city-building game anyway?

EA think we want to shape culture and place individual buildings, rather than all that zoning and public-service fiddling. I can’t help thinking that societies might be entertaining, even if it’s just a case of seeing what kinds of urban landscapes you can seed with the prescribed templates that the Tilted Mill team have come up with. Freedom might be more limited than ever before… but maybe that’s not a bad thing?

Anyway, here’s the most recent trailer. See if you can spot the subtle association of British Petroleum with green and clean energy…

Thanks, Game Trailers, you big hunk of video bandwidth.


  1. schizoslayer says:

    I’m not exactly anti-societies but I don’t consider it a Sim City game at all. I still consider Sim City 4 to be the pinnacle of the series espechilly given the HUGE mod community for it.

    As far as actual Sim City fans are concerned Sim City 4 is enough. they just want more content and better modding tools.

    Societies is being sold to a different crowd I think. Not current SC fans but perhaps the lapsed ones that felt the game got too complex.

    Plus there’s also the fact that the game looks a bit bum in 3D where Sim City 4 looked better and used sprites of all things…

  2. Brant says:

    I’m a bit of a lapsed Sim City fan myself, having played SC2K to death (and enjoyed a bit of SC3 too) but never getting into SC4 for some reason. I’d heard this game existed, but I had no idea it was so close to release. I guess I have to give them a few points for attempting something different and dig up more info.

    Ten points subtracted for that corporate tie-in, however. Sheesh.

  3. ryan in exile says:

    /GameTrailers blushes.

    “It’s not *that* big….”

  4. Bobsy says:


    I was only passingly interested in the original Simcity when I played it 300 years ago on a mahogany-and-leather cased steam-powered Amiga. As I’ve grown up and matured… my views remain unchanged.

    But I guess it’s in 3D now? Hmm.

  5. Chipp says:

    I agree with schizoslayer, this doest not look “targetted” for old SC fans.

    I loved SM2K and 3K (I didn’t play that much SC4) and when I read about this one I got kind of frustrated.

    Anyway, it seems they keep up that wonderful atmosphere as seen in previous versions!

    I guess I will give it a chance.

  6. Babs says:

    It’s actually quite a clever marketing ploy by EA/BP. I didn’t see the name BP anywhere, but if their logo is used as the icon for all the green energy/recycling buildings it’s bound to get subliminally implanted. Fortunately it’s also quite a nice/appropriate icon.

    Anyway, I was always shit at the SimCity games and the older I get and the less gaming time I have the less I want games where you have to sit and watch stuff happen for hours, but I’ll probably give it a go. If only to see how they shoe-horn in The Sims.

  7. Tim says:

    Well at least we know they’re spending plenty of money on it. BP must have paid a mint. They turned it into an eviro energy sim and BP pretends they’re a green focused company.

    Still I’m gonna play it, it looks interesting. I don’t think of it as Simcity so much as Simsociety. My cynical mind can deal with the newspeak BP symbols.

  8. drunkymonkey says:

    Never had a SimCity game before, and I like this idea of societies and having unique cities, so I’m quite interested in it.

  9. jamscones says:

    I’m interested in this, purely because of Tilted Mill’s involvement. I still think Children of the Nile is the best city builder ever made. The way it refocused away from the buildings and towards the people that made up the city, including the player in the role of Pharaoh, was a particularly welcome evolution of the genre.

    Wasn’t so keen on Caesar IV, as that was more of a sequel for an existing franchise than an original design, but I have high hopes for SC Societies, as it *isn’t* being pushed as SC5, and that it will contain more of what made CotN so great. I’d love to see Tilted Mill do another Immortal Cities game.

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