FPS Drought Continues

There are so few ways to kill pretend men at the moment. However will we murderous sociopaths with flashing-pixel obsessions cope? Perhaps with the Call of Duty 4 (don’t call it ‘Modern Combat’) demo, which was released a few hours back.

This is Dave Gun:

Dave Gun says “Hello! I’m in the Call of Duty 4 demo, which includes one singeplayer level, slightly embarrasingly called ‘The Bog.’ You should play it. I like guns! Ratatatatatatatbrrrrkerplow!”

Dave Gun goes on to add, “Oh, and its filesize is about 91 Peggles.”


  1. John Walker says:

    “don’t call it ‘Modern Combat’”


  2. Andrew says:

    Should I download? Should I not?

    I honestly don’t know. And can’t bring myself to care right now, either, with the Orange Box here.

  3. Rodigee says:

    The demo is incredibly bad

    after playing Episode Two

  4. Xerxes says:

    Yes that’s all well and good… but does it contain Companion Cubes?

    Seriously though, I will be trying the demo out later, as they did a good job on Call of Duty 2, but even with a modern setting, I don’t know if the multiplayer will draw me away from Team Fortress 2.
    The singleplayer campaign will be greatly entertaining.

    I still can’t get over the fact I couldn’t see the squad member hidden in a ghillie suit until he moved on the video they released.

  5. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    At 1.4 GB it better be damn good. Too bad I won’t try it since my bandwidth is a precious thing better spent on, say, browsing Scarlett Johansson pics.

  6. Alistair says:

    It’s technically fine. There is dust, there is shooting. There is a lot of noise and shouting. And bullets. Oh god. What do I have to pay never to have to play another shooter?

  7. Ghiest says:

    Played the beta on the 360 and it was a very very good game (multiplayer) and graphically amazing, only thing that let it down was … the pad :) where is my MP PC demo please?

  8. Janek says:

    It’s.. Call of Duty, in a modern setting. That’s enough for me, I think.


  9. Cigol says:

    It really is just Call of Duty in a modern setting. Nice presentation and forgettable gameplay. Seems fun though – maybe it’s more enjoyable online.

  10. Adam Hepton says:

    Is it just me who thinks, “Meh”, when it comes to CoD games (I haven’t played any of the sequels), even though the first one was one of my favourite single-player experiences I can remember?

  11. Andrew says:

    I really enjoyed Call of Duty 2, but I also think ‘meh’ about the ones since then.


  12. Andrew says:

    I caved and downloaded the demo.

    Well… it was enjoyable enough. Certainly had the look down to a tee, although the amount of casualties the US soldiers were taking were, well… they put the entire Iraq occupation to shame.

    It’s very clearly built on the same engine as its predecessors, right down to the wounded-men-pulling-out-pistols-and-shooting-you animations. I do like that you can now throw grenades back, mind.

    So. Damning with faint praise.

    Episode 2 was better.