Unreal Tournament 3 Demo

The beta demo for Unreal Tournament 3 is out, but we can’t find a server that isn’t maxed out. Try here and here, if you’re patient.

Post any other good download links in the comments, y’all.


  1. Mario Granger says:

    There is a pretty speedy torrent of the demo at The Pirate Bay, I’m getting 260k dn right now.

    Pirate Bay link here: link to thepiratebay.org

  2. Kareem says:

    There’s a link with fast download speed over at Filefront, just FYI. No registration or wait required.

    link to files.filefront.com

  3. Chris Pereira says:

    I was about to link to FileFront, myself, but Kareem beat me to it. So far as I know, the servers aren’t maxed out and most everyone is getting great speeds.

  4. dartt says:

    Thank you Kareem, that works a treat :)

  5. Alistair says:

    I don’t know if I’m underwhelmed because this is the 5th shooter demo I’ve just tried, or whether the 3 gives it away a bit. Not as shiny as I expected.

  6. Mario Granger says:

    My word what a tremendously boring game. Maybe I’m spoiled by the wealth of personality afforded by TF2, but everything in that demo screamed mediocrity, from the weapons, to the visual style, to the gameplay. Which if the map is big enough, plays like shooting at tiny ants. Red and Blue ants.

    I will say this though: The engine is amazing. Maxed out graphical settings, 1680 x 1050 resolution, and my framerate never dipped below 60. Truly amazing.

  7. Willem says:

    Not being able to play this, I’ll take comfort in the comments saying it’s average. That and I don’t like Unreal Tournament. Great!

  8. KindredPhantom says:

    Talking of demo’s, the timeshift demo is available as of yesterday.

  9. Cigol says:

    I really expected more. The engine isn’t that amazing either – try playing the ORIGINAL Unreal Tournament (with vastly superior gameplay), then compare. It’s not that big a leap if you think about it. I honestly think I’d enjoy the full version of this given half the chance but all the globule energy weapons and so on puts me right off. Oh well, it’s not as if I’m bored of TF2.

    I’ll wait until some good modifications come out for it instead.

  10. Mori says:

    I’m enjoying it a lot so far, it seems to be half way between UT2k4 and the original UT (which I prefer to UT2k4) in terms of pacing. Or at least it just feels that way. It’s fast without making you feel like you’re full of helium and on rollerskates. The guns are pretty good, I like the stinger minigun. I just hate the link gun. It’s gone from a sissified version of the pulse rifle (which was loud, spinny and offensive) to some kind of bastard ipod. Good game though, like it more than 2k4.

  11. Sam Bass says:

    Technically, this is quite sexy, but I’m just not into UT3’s take on the standard Epic “muscular space dudes” art style – there doesn’t seem to be a defining aesthetic (which Gears of War, for better or worse, had), and when playing renders your enemies little more than random clumps of armor and steroid flesh wibbling in the middle distance.

    I much prefer the clean lines and intentionally cartoony proportions of TF2 – I always know what I’m shooting at and what they’re shooting back with, no matter how far away they are.

    Plays like UT. I like UT, but I like TF2 more. At least they’ve moved away from the annoying Mortal Kombat style announcer.

  12. Nuyan says:

    It may sound silly, but the graphics don’t give me a UT feeling at all. The colours etcera, it felt like I was playing Duke Nukem 3D really.

    Fun game I guess, but I can’t play these games for long. Like any UT game, it really runs niice with high fps. Got to have respect for those makers that always make UT games extremely polished. Having that vehicle in a small deathmatch map was funnier than I expected too.

  13. Nick says:

    Pretty but dull. Plus it seemed nearly impossible to connect to a server. The menus were irritating to navigate too.

    5/10. (and 3 of those are just for the tripod walker thing).

    Again, after the full version has been out a few years and there are decent mods (if there are..) then I’ll buy it. Otherwise no thanks, unless campaign mode is vastly different than the bunch of vaguely linked bot matches I suspect it may be.

  14. Dave says:

    I played a lot of Onslaught in UT2004, but now with TF2 out and all, this doesn’t really interest me. I’ll probably give the demo a go at some point anyway, even if just to see how my PC handles it.

  15. schizoslayer says:

    Working for their publisher as I do I had this before Fileplanet. Go me!

    A point:

    The texture resolution is forcefully reduced in order to reduce the download size. As such the game looks a bit bum compared to the full DVD version.

    My own personal opinion:

    I have no intention of buying UT3 for playing UT3. I am under no impression that it can be better than UT2004 which wasn’t better than UT. The Demo confirms this as after having come off the back of TF2 like most people it just seems boring and mundane in comparison. The game has no personality at all beyond being grey and moody.

    It will however be a modders paradise but the biggest hurdle regarding UT3 mods will be that modders get too hung up on the graphics and not taking advantage of just how easy it is to mod (speaking as also somebody who works with Unreal everyday I can happily say it is a great engine to work with so long as you stay within the scope of what it can do).

  16. CrashT says:

    Install Demo…

    Twenty Minutes later… two failed attempts to even start, a dozen Error messages, to occasions where it reset my desktop refresh rate to some stupid setting that meant I had to restart the computer to actually see anything, and never once seeing the game itself…

    Uninstall Demo.


  17. Aimless says:

    My first impressions weren’t great when I went to create a profile and trying to insert an ‘@’ into my e-mail address made the console pop up instead, requiring me to Tab out and reach for the scissors and glue.

    Still, I played a few bot matches and it seemed rather good. I’m not a big fan of the Tournament games’ pace, but I can still appreciate the game’s polish and technical wizardry. True, I spent most of my play time messing around on a hoverboard rather than actually shooting things, but I’m sure the game will spawn an avid fan base — incidentally, I think the game will do quite well on the PS3.

    It isn’t something I’d buy, but I don’t have any glaring issues with it either. (Other than the horrible character designs and unironic machismo, natch.)

  18. Dave says:

    Chis, Aimless: try using shift+2, that’s where the @ is on a US keyboard.

  19. Jim Rossignol says:

    This was pretty much what I was expecting from UT3. I think the most pleasing thing about it is simply how well it runs on my machine.

  20. Dan says:

    Dave, that doesn’t seem to work either. I settled for just typing “at”.

  21. Mike says:

    The demos great so far – but I haven’t played tf2 yet!

  22. Ghiest says:

    I quite like the speed and pace of it, it’s no TF2 … but then again it ‘is’ a sequel to a game not that old (unlike TF2 7 year gap), it has to be familiar enough to appeal to the older players of the previous games and be nice enough looking to appeal to new gamers.

    I think this is the first major UT version to out for the consoles as well, unfortunately for us PC players it shows, and quite badly at that. The menus are quite clunky and obviously designed for console use. I had massive troubles installing and making it work correctly and can still only play it windowed mode as it is.

  23. GibletHead2000 says:

    I dunno, I’ve actually been looking forward to this… I’m a fan of Deathmatch, and there aren’t many multiplayer-centric FPS’s with a strong DM component being produced these days.. Everyone seems to expect us to want to play in teams.

  24. Ghiest says:

    Oh and I forgot to add, it has the same shitty FOV / Screen clip problem that Bioshock had, talk about bad ports :(

    (yes it clips the top and bottom of the screen for widescreen players) and has Field of view of 90 degrees instead of around 100.

  25. Mike says:

    Pros: the darkwalker vehicle (they just copied a tripod off war of the worlds, including sounds), new weapons/map design, hoverboard and the fact you can feign death.

    Cons: Basically an updated UT’04… (which I think is very hard game to improve on)

  26. The_B says:

    “This was pretty much what I was expecting from UT3. I think the most pleasing thing about it is simply how well it runs on my machine”

    My thoughts exactly, although to me this isn’t that much of a bad thing. The main thing I want from the game itself is more of everything – an evolution rather than a revolution. And I’m also looking forward to the mods and scope on a wider scale than the game itself.

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  28. Sucram says:

    You can spawn other vehicles in the demo using the console:

    summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_darkwalker_content
    summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_cicada_content
    summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_fury_content
    summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_paladin
    summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_nemesis

    And the “Slow Volume”:
    summon utgamecontent.utslowvolume_content

    No sounds for them though.

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