Six Sides To Every Love Story

It may be getting silly now.

Deconstructionary tendencies.

[Originated in the depths of, evidentially by Moony for /po/. Noticed in a Portal thread over at UnknownWorlds by Align]


  1. T-B0N3 says:

    now THAT is a nice idea, im gonna print that out on a A0 paper.

  2. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    To quote the entire history of japanese console RPGs:


  3. Reko says:

    I now have one sitting on top of my monitor :D

    That was a productive lunch.

  4. Cargo Cult says:

    That’s not a Weighted Companion Cube! That’s a Weighted Companon [sic] Cube! Horrible things may happen!

  5. Seniath says:

    If only I had access to a colour printer! B&W just wouldn’t do the WCC justice :(

  6. Wood says:

    I understand what the cube is and how to fold it, but what are the other things on the picture ?

  7. freebob says:

    those extra bits are for the edges to go in between the corner parts

  8. Wood says:

    Does anybody have a photo of the finished cube ?

  9. Wood says:

    Cool, thanks !

  10. Kieron Gillen says:

    That’s great, Zell.


  11. Gulars says:

    I just made this, but it tried to stab me, so i had to throw it into my home-edition incinerator

  12. B33b3s says:

    No weighted companion cube will ever be as good as your first. I miss you Cubina, may you burn in peace.

  13. Important says:

    CAUTION: Mass of paper version of Weighted Companion Cube may not be sufficient to activate Aperture Science 1500-Megawatt Supercolliding Super Button.

  14. Blitz says:

    You win.

  15. Spartan says:

    I printed it out and its getto. i used tape. and didnt even use the small little bits

  16. Robert D says:

    What sort of glue did you use?

  17. Patrick says:

    Here’s my attempt: link to

    First time I’ve made something like this – took a lot of tape and patience. :)

  18. drunkymonkey says:

    Put it into an incinerator!

  19. MrTrent says:

    Patrick, sir, that is incredible.

  20. Seth410 says:

    Looks great even without the ‘depth’ but I taped nickels onto each panel inside, I like my Weighted Companion Cubes to have a bit of…weight.

  21. Evil_T0NY says:

    I think those other LITTLE pieces are to make it look 3-deminsional or something…you know the corners that stick out and such.

    I cut one of those out, and you need a little man’s fingers to make those folds, for the life of me I can’t do that part….but I did make the basic

    ——->> CUBE

  22. A Person says:

    How do i put the little corner pieces on? I have no idea how.

  23. Kapowski says:

    Great idea! I printed it but the little peaces are way tooooooo small. I wish i had a printer that could print huge paper!!!

  24. Farbror Fazer says:

    Can someone plz make a steb-by-step guide on how to do this? I’m to stupid to figure that out by myseft and I guess I’m not the only one… :(

  25. Mason says:

    yea your not the only one…

    a guide would be nice, anyone?

  26. parker says:

    !!! cute!!! awsome!! grats !!(warning this ten year old has a micro insierater

  27. Aresio says:

    this is brilliant!!

  28. Chris R says:

    LOL to the gold farmer spam post…. in a companion cube thread… gotta chuckle at that.


  29. Matt M. says:

    I love my companion cube.

  30. rkthrilla says:

    thats nice

  31. Who cares says:

    Ok how i make it guide plz anybody

  32. anon says:

    rules 1 & 2

  33. Nikita says:

    If you print and paste the printable conpanion cube large on microsoft word. Then on a seprate piece of paper, you can print out the small parts, you can have more room on the page to enlarge the small pieces. Now you have a bigger companion cube.

  34. browen says:

    please make instructions on how to make this or a video.

  35. Mach10X says:

    Those of you asking for a guide please take a look at Patrick’s cube: link to
    In order to make precise folds you’ll need to pre-score the fold lines with a scoring tool. An example of a scoring tool could be an exacto knife with very light pressure: just enough so that the paper will fold at the scored line. A good qualtiy paper is important since it’s a bit thicker. Be sure to leave tabs to allow attachment. If you study Patrick’s cube you should be able to figure out where to cut and where to score.

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  37. REA says:

    now all we need are turret papercrafts!

  38. shaktazuki says:

    Your wish is someone else’s command: link to

    Warning: freakin’ hard to do.

  39. Lewiss says:

    Damn its so hard to make!!!

  40. armydude says:

    I really need a guide!!! btw, patricks cube is REALLY FRICKIN AWESOME!!! PATRICK, you should make a portal spoof.

  41. Danny says:

    Thats fraggin grate^^

    I’m going to bild both the cube and the turret^^

    Great n’ Thanks^^

  42. Penarly23 says:

    This is so awesome.

    I really wish someone would make step-by-step instructions
    Those corners are really hold to do.

  43. KILLER[COP] says:

    I LOVE THAT i got the poral game,hated destroying the cube and i finaly get to have it back………………………………………………………. THANKS

  44. Tip says:

    For the little parts I used a toothpick,I just needed to grab it with the very edge of my finger in the very edge of the part,and then pushed it down.

  45. Patatas Traigo » Blog Archive » World of Papercraft says:

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  46. Zandieer says:

    Cool ! I must try it right away !

  47. Ivy says:

    Arg! I am pretty good with origami and stuff, and this looks pretty simple, but I don’t have a printer! And if I could I would make a guide for it too!

  48. Perdunok says:

    Hello Perdunky!