RPS Portal Desktops

It’s our daily Weighted Companion Cube post! Some desktop-sized screenshots I constructed for your background happiness.

So many friends!

Spoilers and links after the gap.

A Much Happier Ending

Fullsize version of the pic above, mimicking the last shot of GLaDOS:

I'm not sure there'll be enough to go round.

Cube Party!

Join so very many chums for a lovely party and a slice of cake. Just try to ignore the orbs.

Huge thanks to Kim for her help with this.


  1. Nuyan says:

    Set as background. Thanks!

  2. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Nicely done. They appear to be a trifle low on the gnome count though.

  3. Evo says:

    Brilliant :D

    Made the top one my background!

    I forsee a WCC, Peggle and Gnome triumvirate rising to conquer the world!

  4. Zell says:

    I love them! O glorious weighted companion cube nirvana.

  5. Kast says:

    Kim? As in Kim Swift perchance? *One raised eyebrow, and a oversized magnifying glass*

  6. Matt says:

    How do I spawn companion cubes through the console? I can only get it to do regular cubes with the special ent_create_somethingaboutacubegoeshere command

  7. The_B says:

    Don’t suppose there’s any chance of having non widescreen versions of these is there?

  8. Thelps says:

    It has six sides, yet only a maximum of 4 are visible at any one time. A source of endless intrigue and wonder.

  9. John Walker says:

    B – done.

  10. The_B says:

    Muchos Gracious

  11. Wroth says:

    I’m not sure I like the idea that there are loads of companion cubes. It kinda removes the personal connection.

    I much prefer to think that the companion cube at the end is the same one, that he somehow managed to survive the furnace, because he’s so clever :)

  12. CrashT says:

    Worth, well if GLaDOS is “Still Alive” then I’m sure he can be too ;)

  13. John Walker says:

    Wroth, you might not want to look in the dispensing tube after your Companion Cube falls down.

  14. fearian says:

    Thelps says:

    It has six sides, yet only a maximum of 4 are visible at any one time. A source of endless intrigue and wonder.


    its easy to see all sides of your WCC at the same time!

  15. dang says:

    Please post again the first pic without you nick .. dam it get that ugly.. ffs.. we already know that glados did that… what a jerk

  16. The_B says:

    Errr… Cabbage? Whisk. Electric Tin Opener?

  17. Spiderman says:

    Are the cubes suppose to be animated? All I can get is the desktop background.