The Best Of B-Gaming

TIGSource’s B-Game competition (y’know, like B-Movie) has yielded a winner: Cottage Of Doom. The competition was voted for by the TIGSource forumites, who certainly know their stuff and delivered a very tight competition. There are loads of noteworthy B-games in there, almost too many to mention. No doubt I’ll post a few up here as I work through the ones I haven’t seen already.

Cottage Of Doom itself is a worthy winner. It’s very much the ‘B’ game the competition was looking for, and has some fun ideas (line of site, constructing barricades, etc) as well as just the right kind of schlock-horror sensibilities. Sadly, for some of us at least, it does not seem to work on Vista. Boo.


  1. dartt says:

    Nooo! But it looks so perfect! I must play it!

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    It’s not quite perfect – the shotgun doesn’t quite connect properly, only working when you have their heads in the AoE.

  3. Andrew says:

    That’s actually pretty damn good fun.

    Love the purposely shit dialogue at the start. And the ‘gruugruu!’

  4. Alex May says:

    Hey guys – unfortunately I don’t have access to Vista so I can’t develop for it yet. Sorry about that! If you’re a developer and use Vista and fancy giving it a crack, the source is freely available at SourceForge (link to

    I also recommend playing Gunlimb, Poizoned Mind, Space Barnacle, Wrath of Transparentor, Weisser Punkt (this one is particularly hilarious), Mondo Medicals… actually pretty much all the entries are worth at least loading up.

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    Mondo Medicals I posted about before, it’s really fun.

  6. Ging says:

    The only down side to this seems to be the somewhat odd aiming mechanism – do I aim at the crosshair or the cursor? It seems to be a bit of both! I appreciate the shotgun isn’t exactly a precision weapon, but it’d be nice to sort of know which direction it’s going to fire in! :D

    Other than that, this was a good lesson in making sure I read the “how to play” bit of some games before diving head long in (who woulda known that you can actually repair doors / windows!)

  7. Alex May says:

    Hi, if you’re reading and need a Vista version of the game, there’s an EXE for it here. Cheers!

  8. psyk says:

    argh how did I miss this.