Bioshockier and Bioshockier

I'm drunk on the floor again, yeah?.

Still-Irrational-To-Us’ Ken Levine has been talking to America’s Games For Windows about possible downloadable content for Bioshock. 1UP have only lobbed up a couple of teaser quotes. Here’s the big one…

“Diablo II, to me, was a great model for an expansion, because it enhanced the original game, but also extended the game, too. I’m not a really big fan of expanding things just by linearly adding to the experience, adding a new campaign, as much as I am of enhancing the original experience and adding replayability to that experience,” said Levine in a post-release interview in the latest issue of Games for Windows Magazine. “I think that certainly BioShock’s combat experience is great, but it could be broader. I’m a little more confused as far as how to expand the narrative experience.”

They also reference the Plasmids that were cut from the game as possible extras. May RPS also remember the other Big Daddies that disappeared in the development route, and suspect that introducing new Splicers would be a welcome addition to Rapture’s ecosystem of Biff.

Anyone got any other ideas for extra content they’d like to see?


  1. Kast says:

    Wearable bunny masquerade masks?

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    Water didn’t come into things enough, I thought.

  3. Bozzley says:

    Bathysphere / whale-riding sections.

    A plasmid where loads of Little Sisters crawl out the nearest hole-in-the-wall and stab your enemies to death with their big syringe things.

    A DDR-style rhythm action section with Sander Cohen doing some nifty tap-dancing to Singin In The Rain whilst dashing through the leaks in the tubes.

  4. Alec Meer says:

    An option to replace Fontaine with a compelling and consistent arch-foe.

  5. fluffy bunny says:

    Can’t see myself playing through this again. It was great while it lasted, but I don’t know what they could add to make it tempting to replay it. It’s not as if it’s a non-linear game with several paths, that you can play over and over again and still experience new things.

  6. PB says:

    I’d like to see developer commentary like valve have in their games.

    giant floating speech bubbles which project the voices of the developers when you use them – providing commentary about the current area.

    a lot of thought and love has gone into each of bioshock’s levels, I’d love to hear what and how the developers think.

  7. Leeks! says:

    Freezable water. And enemies that don’t defy physics when frozen (they fall to the ground and shatter if you’ve gotten them in midair rather than hanging there like some grotesque mobile). And full-body draw. And a bigger, heavier wrench that actually feels like your swinging it, that will send enemies pinwheeling across a room if you hit them solidly. And a cleverer endgame sequence.

    ->Basically just the list of little quibbles that compiled themselves in my brain as I played.

  8. Dracko says:

    Gameplay that is genuinely innovative and doesn’t date back to 1999.

    Also, an endgame that doesn’t suck horrendously and is thematically consistent.

  9. Richard says:

    I’d want more content. Additional tools to finish a narrative-led game I’ve already finished? No thanks. I don’t need more Plasmids, and I’m unlikely to replay the whole thing even if they throw in a couple of fun novelty ones. I wasn’t playing it for the fun of shooting people in the face anyway – it was the environment and story that caught my interest.

  10. Rob K-L says:

    A greater variety of plasmids that made the choices relating to what was equiped more specialised.

    More baddies and better linking to the themes of the levels they are found in. Surgeons with head reflectors in the food hall were a little incongrous, a woman with a basket full of grenades would not be quite so jarring.
    Some more interesting splicer behaviours would be good to. Especially expanding on their use of plasmids. They could add all sorts of interest there.
    As somone else said, more big daddy types too.

    Definately more use of water, particually in the sense of being washed about. Struggling up corridors against the flow, being swept away by a rush. Watching baddies suffer the same problems.

    Going outside, either in a bathysphere or a suit. Restricting this could be achieved through limited air supply via tank capacity or hose length.

  11. Alec Meer says:

    That last sounds harrowingly like Doom 3’s outside bits, which were no fun.

    Greater foe variety is clearly the way to go if a new or improved narrative isn’t possible. Even having a new raft of Plasmids won’t affect my complete familiarity with how every Splicer/Daddy/Turret attacks.

  12. Grill says:

    As I recall, when I was reviewing it there were a few gene tonics (meh) and a single new plasmid that were on the 360 debug units – the new one was called something like sonic blast, that hurled people away from you.

  13. Jonathan Burroughs says:

    Create a Director’s Cut version with only one possible ending, removing the digital morality that Levine wasn’t keen on. Downloadable “content removal” is the way forward.

    Failing that how about a satisfactory resolution to Tenenbaum’s storyline?

  14. ironanno says:

    “And a bigger, heavier wrench that actually feels like your swinging it, that will send enemies pinwheeling across a room if you hit them solidly.”

    I found fighting with the wrench to be quite boring. More like firing a weapon at point-blank range than an actual melee-weapon. The only difference being whether you hit the head or the body. The plasmid power-ups only affect damage. I’d like to a melee-system similar to the one in Escape from Butcher’s Bay.

  15. Thelps says:

    All I’d want is more plot, frankly. As said before, I don’t see the point in adding more weapons/enemies/plasmids if it’s effectively the same narrative all over again. Admittedly the game’s 2 endings don’t leave much room for plot extension, but they could always take the Half Life Opposing Force/Blue Shift/Decay route and base the narrative on a different person’s perspective. I’d dearly love to see Rapture take its turn for the worse through the eyes of an innocent citizen on New Year’s Eve, perhaps with an hour or so’s play time beforehand, to get a real picture of what the city was like before it all went wrong. I’d also love to see more made of the aspect of the loss of humanity, disfigurement and general insanity caused by overuse of plasmids. This didn’t feature at all in the main game (except, very, very abstractly in the sense of greed for ADAM causing you to kill rather than save the Little Sisters) despite my first assumption being that the more I abused my plasmid powers, the more like a denizen of Rapture I’d become.

    Heck, I’ve got piles and piles of ideas for parallel narratives set in Rapture, and I’m sure the developers could come up with some excellent stories by taking this route. Sure, it doesn’t focus on the game’s protagonist, but for me, at least, the real story was the city itself, and its inhabitants, not my main character’s tribulations.

  16. Nick says:

    Fun combat.


    Or, maybe, a graphical update of System Shock 1 using the Bioshock engine. That would expand replayability for me.

  17. roBurky says:

    After I finished Bioshock, I loaded up my last save before I got the big daddy suit, and went wnadering through the previous levels, trying out plasmnid combinations I had previously ignored. When you’ve got the full set to play with, the combat is a lot of fun, just through the variety of the tools at your disposal.

    I then started a new game to play through the game from the beginning, and the combat became very simple again, and thus not as fun.

    If extra content is meant to make replaying more appealing, I think it ought to give you more plasmids at the beginning to play around with.

  18. Jonathan Burroughs says:


  19. Citizen Parker says:

    Second the call for co-op, however impossible it is that they would add it.

    Despite the fact that Levine feels adding co-op to SYSTEM SHOCK 2 was a waste of time, that remains one of my favorite co-op gaming experiences in a long, long time. Even if I am one of the 7.32 people in the world to have played the entire game that way.

  20. Pidesco says:

    Better AI. Inventory system. Completely reworked difficulty, from much reduced item and money availability, to fewer and gimped healing chambers. Walking and leaning. And much smaller adam rewards for saving the little sisters. Combat that isn’t superficial crap

    Of course, all of the previous suggestions will never happen.

  21. simonkaye says:

    I’d like:

    1. A wall-crawling plasmid, like the Spider-splicers have.
    2. More content. It’s not Diablo; I would have real difficulty playing the original game through again anytime soon.
    3. Everyone to stop complaining about the ending, which I thought worked quite well.

  22. Nihohit says:

    *potential spoiler*

    Do something about the big daddy level, since it’s an insult to your intelligence after Ryan’s speech and Fontaine’s (for the first time) coherent ramblings.
    Also, changing the balance between the two little sisters options – saving them never really made sense to me. I prefered choosing the abilities I get.

  23. Jonathan Burroughs says:

    Fewer escort missions, by a factor of one escort mission.

  24. AbyssUK says:

    The portal gun :P

  25. Jonathan Burroughs says:

    Why can’t we just talk to the Splicers, or something?

  26. Jonathan Burroughs says:

    Kast says:
    Wearable bunny masquerade masks?

    With detachable ears?