I feel blessed to have uncovered the perfect salve for my worsening hangover, just as the right time. Splume, a beautiful little puzzle game that I found thanks to the perpetually high-quality bloggery over at IndyGamer, is just the right mixture of increasing challenge and neat design to soothe my poisoned body. It was designed for some game design competition and you have to install their web-browser plug in to play. I have it on reasonable authority that this is an okay thing to do.

So it’s a kind of Tetris-Peggle physics ‘n’ matching game. Eyeballs watch, music plays, things drop and squish. You’ll like it. There’s even a level editor and a bunch of exquisite user-made levels. And there goes my afternoon/evening.

Should note, this is the work of Matthew Wegner who runs the excellent Fun Motion blog, dedicated to physics games. – John


  1. Martin says:

    It no workie in Vista good. :(

    I get to level 2 and then it just hangs at the loading screen with the music playing over and over again…

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    I’m using Vista and it works fine.

  3. Hobbes says:

    “So it’s a kind of Tetris-Peggle physics ‘n’ matching game”

    or even its exactly of Puzzle-Bobble. Just a thought. though it does play nicely.

  4. roBurky says:

    I did like it. Until I got stuck. I can’t get past the “It means spray” level. And having to sit through the level’s title screen every time I try again is just getting too frustrating.

  5. Zell says:

    Yah, I found Spray to be the only difficult level. I eventually figured out how to beat it pretty reliably, but I don’t want to expose anybody to spoilers. :D

  6. John Walker says:

    I would have liked to see more puzzle-based levels, as the core Bust-a-Move game has been done an awful lot.

    Still, fantastic game that I would have written about if Jim hadn’t beaten me to it when I accidentally went to sleep all afternoon.

  7. Martin says:

    Bah, what’s wrong with my system then? :/

  8. Willem says:

    The campaign and user levels don’t work for me either, Martin.

    But the survival! OH MY FUCK.

    How about next time, you give us a link to free cocaine, RPS? IT WOULD BE THE SAME AS THIS LINK

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  10. PoC says:

    re: laser eye treatment.

    Is it just me, or are the spam comments getting lazier?

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