Project FreezerCube – Part 2

Work continues on what some are already describing as “The most important endeavour ever conducted by humankind”.

nearly there

Sadly, it’s not quite as excellent as I might have first hoped. It seems that for reasons I can only put down to tiredness and stupidity, I decided that my initial pencil sketch was clearly the most accurate of guildlines in which to paint, rather than perhaps putting some efforts into creating a more accurate circle, or lining things up a bit more. The result: one very wonky Weighted Companion Freezer.

before lines

I suppose in the larger scheme of things, this probably isn’t a terrible tragedy. But I do fear the inevitable sneers that will accompany my house’s being filled with chums on my 30th birthday commiseration gathering this Saturday – the target for when I wish it to be finished.

with lines

I have received some excellent help from fifth housemate, Dexter, who has learned in the last couple of days:

1) Acrylic paint is not a delicious cat treat
2) Acrylic paint is hard to get out of your tail when you insist on swishing it against the freezer
3) It’s very funny to try and bat the paintbrush out of John’s hand during the delicate bits

Friend to man and kitten


  1. Dave Johnston says:

    Best Wonky Weighted Companion Cube evar.

  2. Craig says:

    Enough about WCC! There’s a kitten to be talking about. What I like most about Dexter is he’s mine.

  3. phuzz says:

    +1 for obligatory modder’s cat photo.

  4. Xerxes says:

    What will you swap for the cat?

    You can keep the fridge.

    Oh and happy birthday for Saturday.
    I can only assume the invites were lost in the recent Postal Strike, and one will be couriered personally to our homes.

  5. Fat Zombie says:

    I am slightly disappointed, John. I was hoping this would be a proper, polystyrene-shapes cube attempt, rather than just painted on. I’m sure you could do it!

    Well, maybe once you’ve finished this version, WCC Freezer Version 1.0. Then we get 1.5 (less wonky) then 2.0 (polystyrene awesomeness)!

  6. John Walker says:

    Yes Fat Zombie, but there would be the small issue of not being able to open the freezer, and indeed having to raise the freezer off the floor. Which could also involve removing the surface above it. Somehow this all felt a little impractical.

  7. Fat Zombie says:

    Ah. Well, maybe at least to produce a pseudo-3d effect, you could do the raised bits in thick card, or thin sheets of polystyrene. Enough to get a 3d-ish effect for those cornery bits, but not too obtrusive to affect opening the door.

    Still, don’t worry if you can’t. It looks nice as it is now. (I wish I had a Weighted-Companion-Cube freezer)

  8. Fat Zombie says:

    Look! I even now just did a diagram! (link to

  9. Thelps says:


  10. John Walker says:

    FZ – there is only one solution! YOU must create this with your own freezer. I command it.

  11. roBurky says:

    The google ad in the sidebar is recccomending you get a painting instruction DVD

  12. dartt says:

    Cat thread! Oh wait this isn’t fark… it’s news.

    /thinks we should have a WCC equivalent
    //and slashies!

  13. FringeRock says:

    Altogether now,1..2..3… AWWWWWWW! Look at the little companion cuuuuuube! Oh and the cat.

    Crackin’ job on the freezer though, I’m sure your party guests will look on with envious eyes.

  14. The_B says:

    Next step: Get some voice clips of GLaDOS that speak when you open the fridge door.

  15. Andrew says:

    Like an actually good version of those tacky birthday cards.

  16. fattakin says:

    The star wars one isnt tacky, my chewie birthday card from last year is still growling!

  17. Fat Zombie says:

    John – Alas, I have no white cube-ish freezer to call my own (we have a fridge-freezer combo, hidden in a cupboard). However, if I do ever obtain one this is what I shall do.

  18. Thelps says:

    Go to the local dump, you’ll find thousands of freezers sitting around. In fact, often times they’ll pay YOU to take them off their hands (EU regulations requiring expensive disposal of them). Of course, odds are the damned thing won’t work, but hey, at least you’ve got your blank canvas.

  19. The_B says:

    “Like an actually good version of those tacky birthday cards.”


    “on my 30th birthday commiseration gathering this Saturday”

    Now we know what to get him…

  20. bluespacetiger says:

    Is this cat the same one that was recently mentioned (and thus made famous in my wierd little world) in episode 7 of the PC gamer podcast? The same episode where an attempt to big up this blog was wholeheartedly squashed by an evil editor with a calming voice… Oh and why dont you dust redraw the circle with a pencil on a piece of string and re paint it?

  21. The_B says:

    He was also mentioned in a previous podcast, the one where John tried to revive a dead bird with Weetabix. And a fair amount of stuff before that, if you read the other blogs to as an unhealthy degree I do… *ahem*

  22. Pesh says:

    Speaking of Portal…

    link to

  23. Winterborn says:

    Dexter is a handsome cat.

  24. macusers says:

    […] computers comes down to manipulating data, and the hard drive is, of course, where we store all ourProject FreezerCube Part 2 | Rock, Paper, ShotgunWork continues on what some are already describing as The most important endeavour ever conducted by […]

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